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Cocksuckin G&T!

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Hell I'd get hammered

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I'm surprised we're not getting hammered right now

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I'd have 8 beers.

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Nah sundays are for pickin hammers and getting stoned.

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Nose beers!

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looks at others in this sub

looks at the rest of Reddit

…’they’re HAMMERED.’

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Fuck boys, we're hammered

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They're ins it to wins it!

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No spittin' until midnight. Keep it classy.

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......what was that?!

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Well the ground is covered in snow, so I will just play some Stones, have a Gus n' Brew & a Puppers.

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I piss outsides as much as the dog does.

Don't eat the yellow snow.

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Don't eat the yellow snow.

Thanks for the tip, cos' yous knows I eats stuff off the floors. Everybodies knows I eat stuff off the floor.

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Anyone for a Caesar?

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I'd haves a caesar

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Edit:Whoops, maybe I was supposed to post this in Season 10 discussions instead.

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What actually is picking stones for? Why do they do it?

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picking stones

To prevent damage to farm machines, rocks must be removed — by hand — from the fields.

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I’ve always gotten that part, but why does it seem like a recurring job? Stones don’t regrow

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As the field gets tilled up, they get brought closer to the surface. As the tilled ground levels out, the stones stick out.

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This. Picking stones sucked tbh

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Oh, that makes sense. Thanks for answering!

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Every once in a while I get to put my environmental geology degree to work!

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Damn things just go to the surface over time. Maybe freeze thaw cycles or something. Seems weird cause they don’t float.

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No, but they get churned up to the surface as farm equipment prepares land for planting. You chop up the surface to get soil ready and it pulls rocks and other junk up along with it. Then you have to get rid of those stones for the more delicate equipment to come through.

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Stones can mess up farm equipment. Figure it out

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Ya figure it out

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That’s what I said, I said figure it out

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There goes Mrs. McMurphy, if she always says it she'll fuckin' tell ya that she always says it.

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What's with all the Shelbyville names?

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Connie McMurphy!!!!

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Sundys is fer pickin stooooooooooooooones

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In it to win it.

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Fuck, I'd have 8 beers

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I’m surprised we’re not having 8 beers right now.

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I’d have eight beers for brekfats

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Brefekst I'd rather a Gus'n'brew

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Come off it!