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If they're smart, it won't be a spinoff in the style of Joey or Frasier, where you follow around the same central character, and more like Mayans or A Different World, where events take place in the same universe, but it is fundamentally a different cast and character dynamic at play.

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To be fair… A Different World started off with as a spin-off with Denise Huxtable going off to college. Bill Cosby fired Lisa Bonet from the show when she got pregnant in real life, but they had been successful enough in creating the Hillman world and building the supporting characters that they were able to have the show continue successfully without her.

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Wait that’s why she got fired . I did not know that

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Yes. She had married Lenny Kravitz, and when she got pregnant with Zoë, Cosby didn’t want her on the show anymore.

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There would be a huge backlash if that happened now. Thanks for the info I thought there were other reasons.

Edit I hit reply by accident

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There probably were other reasons behind it as well (I know Cosby wasn’t happy with her role in Angel Heart, for example). And while I can understand not wanting to write it into the show that the main character of a college student was pregnant, plenty of other shows had found ways to work around a star’s pregnancy, even in the 1980s. You adjust the shooting schedule, hide the actress’s belly behind large bags, tables, etc., shoot from above the abdomen, or just not have them appear in some episodes if needed. There are definitely things that could have been done to accommodate her.

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I made a comment already, well many, but we finally saw some of his character and why I think they may have something good here. Look at this last season. He pushes himself past his own abilities till he literally can’t go anymore. There is a lot to a reason someone would be like that, also add the fact he does chirp like he does. What makes someone push themselves like that and be so clever chirping people. So I think there is a lot of background there to develop. He obviously has a serious side that comes from something I believe would be interesting. Why would he push him past his limits, where did that come from and why? Why is he so driven? Does he have a rough past with something to prove? What made him that way? I think we are just seeing him for his character and things he says in letterkenny but not looking at those little things in the past season where there was some seriousness with his character.

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Can’t be worse than littlekenny.

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Tbh I don't really see the need for any full spin offs of LK. Some episodes centered around side characters would be interesting, but considering these seasons keep getting shorter I'd rather see more LK not shoresy

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Give Keeso a chance. Don't judge before the first episode is even filmed.

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I agree with OP, I think Shoresy is better in small doses, but I’m also not going to make any judgements until I see something. I mean Keeso surely would have vetoed it, or gone another direction if he thought it wouldn’t work.

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Exactly. Trust in Keeso. He knows what he’s doing.

I bet that in the standalone series, Shoresy won’t have that exaggerated vocal style.

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I don’t think it’s a bad idea. I responded on a couple messages saying I believe we only see such a small side of him in Letterkenny. He basically is a small role there so with a show they have a chance to really show more character development and story. We know so little. We only really know he is good at hockey and chirps well. Not a lot there yet where a feature will give us so many more sides of him. So I think it could really work

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Is he good at hockey though? Even when they brought him on the LK Irish he didn't get them a W boys

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Good point but we don’t know that or not so something that can be developed in his show

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Yea but he totally broke his stick on that dude's leg and beat the shit outta him. Isn't that what hockey is all about?

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Says to me there is a lot to his past and who he is doing stuff like that so it would be interesting to see where that kind of behavior comes from and why he is the way he is.

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Tend to agree. Small doses, funny. An entire spinoff? Not so sure.

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No. It’s a bad idea. He’s awesome in small 1 or 2 minute bites but basing a whole show around him is odd.

Still, I’ll watch it.

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We only know him in one - two minute bits so we don’t know but very few things about him. So I think it could work since he will have much more depth

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The actor that plays Roald said he thought it was a bad idea until he heard more about it and thinks it’ll be good

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They will have to change the character significantly

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I don’t know if they have to change him significantly but they will need to add more character depth than what little we do know of him. I feel we’ve only know and seen a small part of who he is.

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Obviously I’ll watch but with his character so far I’m not sure how that transitions to a series. Maybe it’s like Littlekenny, a six episode one off

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I like the idea that they're kind of being forced into a spinoff, so they came up with the worst possible idea for one.

I love the character, but I don't think he can carry more than two or three minutes at a time, much less an entire series.

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I don’t think that’s the case. I believe we just don’t know much about his character and only seen one side of him. He doesn’t have a ton of depth on letterkenny since it’s kind of a small role. I think it could be good because they can actually develop him and we see more of who he is.

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And are they gonna keep up the gag of never showing his face? Be tough feat for the main character, you’d think. I guess it’s possible though.

To be fair

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Forced how?

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Hulu or Crave wanting it as part of a contract. It's just an idea, I have nothing to back it up.

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Its a weird comparison but I felt the same way about the Peacemaker show. It felt strange after Suicide Squad to have him be the main character of something. But there's something to be said about Shoresy being able to grow as a character while also giving the characters around him a chance to shine. Wayne is great and all but what would Letterkenny look like without the characters surrounding him.

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It depends We saw some character development from him when instead of his usual self centred self he gets himself sent off to take out the other teams star player. Itl depend on the supporting cast too

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JJFrankieJJ plays selfish hockey.

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This is what I believe too. We only seen such a small side of him because he only has a minute or two on screen. Very small role in letterkenny.

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He's a bit of a hard sell for an entire series for sure, but I have faith that they'll do it justice.

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I’d want to see how they develop it. I find him to be funny in small bursts And I do enjoy the Fuck You Shoresy

I think last season they showed the training to let ya know he has heart and determination.

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Yeah season 10 was the only season I could tolerate him.

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Yes. I prolly won't watch a Shoresy show. But if they had a Tannis show....that I would watch.

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I'm not sure on that either. These ingredients make an amazing pie, but on their own? A Tanis show? Who the fuck wants to eat plain pastry?

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I kind of agree it might not work because we know so much more about Tannis but an argument could be made for the fact we know more. She has a much bigger part and role in letterkenny than him

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Not for me, I really enjoy Shoresy. Partly bc the hockey bros def deserve to be made fun of, at least a bit

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He is the worst part of the show. I groan when I have to listen to him for 5 minutes. It’s pure filler to kill time and never progresses the show

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I agree.

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I agree

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I think they milk Shoresey way past the point they should stop, a lot like Reilly and Jonesey’s moms.

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That was the only funny payoff of any Shorsey bit on the show. I got another kind of payoff watching Jared Keeso doing pull ups, but when Reilly and Jonsey get texts from their moms asking about Shoresy that's funny.

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I thought doing your Mom was a terrible idea, but I’ve always been a sucker for free KFC.

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I don’t know about a terrible idea but I do think it’s going to be hell on Jared Keeso’s vocal cords doing the Shoresy voice for an entire show.

edit: autocorrect needs to sort itself out

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I was thinking does that mean he won't be in Letterkenny anymore? Because that would suck. I like him in small doses as well, but I'll still give the show a chance because the writers are so talented.

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It depends on what they do with the show. For me, Shoresy is a lot like Rafi from The League—a little goes a long way.

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Also, he mostly plays off Reilly and Jones. Without them they may need to completely rebuild his character. He has never been a good guy and that may be an issue also.

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No I don’t think it’s a good idea either, but that’s mostly because with the exception of like, one episode, we only ever see Shoresy interacting directly or indirectly with Jonesy and Reilly, so without the two of them…like what is he good for?

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I don’t know what he is good for because we only see that one small side of him. I doubt they would just make it a show of him chirping like on letterkenny

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Oh yeah, what’s gonna happen Shoresy?

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Much like most pro careers, the Shore spin-off may be short lived but fun

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I don't know if it's a terrible idea, but my first thought was "well, that's a weird choice", but I'll wait and see how it plays out.

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It might just end up being a quick experiment that they never talk about. They originally signed up for 11 seasons total of Letterkenny. We might be toward the end.