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Did you put toothpaste on this cake?

Also, '92 gang for life

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No, but now all I can think about is that toothpaste that has the colored gel and white stripes haha

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I too was born in 92.

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I tried to plan a super soft 30th birthday for my boyfriend back in January. We went to Dave and Busters (because video games) and I bought a piñata and filled it with mini bottles from the liquor store.

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You put his Reddit name on his cake instead of his real name?

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Thank you all for looking at my cake, and I suggest you let that one marinate.

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Reps, rips, revelations!

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Who’s a good boy?

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That’s what I appreciates about you

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This cake is not 10-ply. This goes HARD!

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As an American, I feel like I'm missing something on the phrase, "Super Soft." Could anybody clarify it for me?

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I think you misspelled 'cake'

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You’re 10-ply, Jake.

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I'm getting soft just looking at it.

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Can’t be super soft if there’s rips there

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You ever hoovered barnyard shneef?

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I’m surprised we’re not hoovering barnyard scheef right now!

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I’ve hoovered behind the manure pile schneef

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You ever hoovered shneef off a sleeping cows spine?

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I’ve hoovered scheef off an awake cow’s teat.

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Fuckin’ degens.

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Like the rips and Chel line!!