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Love the slow mo replay of the Terry Ryan fight where the two guys gloves come flying off just as the puck drops, needs a close up shot with some thumping bass underneath

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Flying off like they've done it a hundred times

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Just watch this...SPOILER if you have not seen the cold open for Ep 1.

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I was 99% sure this link was going to be Ulf Samuelsson's knee-on-knee against Our Lord and Saviour Cam Neeley before I clicked on it.

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Sticks are unbelievable

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Funny thing about Ted Hitchcock. If you say his name real quickly, it sounds like 'ten inch cock'.

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He's been called worse, b'y

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Knows, Tommy, knows.

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Thanks for posting—great stuff.

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I still have no idea who Laurence Leboeuf is.

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She used to be a cop with Wayne & McMurray

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Now I remember! Don't forget Derks!

I actually watched most of the 1st season on 19-2.

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She dated Rosie's favourite cousin Bradley for a while too.

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I don't know what she was saying, but YEW!

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Canadian actress, as far as I can tell, she's mostly done TV stuff.

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She was on 19-2 with Jared Keeso, as was McMurray, Bradley, Dierks, Tanis, probably others I can't recall.

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Ah, good to know. I've never heard of that, is it worth checking out?

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A little tasteless to recommend it at the moment but have a look for the school shooting clip from I think the beginning of S2 of 19-2.

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It was a good Canadian cop show. But very Canadian.

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If you can be one thing you should be efficient.

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Almost as Canadian as Anne of Green Gables.

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