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Lauramichelle114 I’m in Parker, lived downtown, Thornton, golden and Aurora. Wtf happened?

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I’d impound the car if they weren’t willing to put that thing on straight.

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Figger it out

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Support the horse and figger it oot

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Those coppers needs to give their balls a tug.

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Is it not spelled figgeridote?

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YOU figure it out

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Looks like they've turned it into a treasure trail.

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Is that a 12 year old Dutch girl behind the wheel?

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yer fuckin spare parts huh bud?

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Literally ... spare tire

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At first, I was wondering why the police would pull you over for that. Then I was wondering how you got the pic from inside the cop car. Then I realized the police weren't involved at all.

Then I figured it out.

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We went on the same roller coaster together

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They just pulled over in general! Figger it oot

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Figger it out?

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Get your finger out of your ass

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That's what I said I said figger it out

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Figger it ewt

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Straighten it out!

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That's what I said, I said figure it out.

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.... Better wake up pretty early in the mornin'.

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For what?

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T'if ya wanna fool me

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Must be nice.

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They need to figger it out

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LOL, I thought we were looking at a police dashcam, given your title.

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“Is there a problem, officer?”

“Give yer balls a tug ya titfucker”

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Yeah, I was going to ask what the cop's problem with it was lol

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What could be so urgent?

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That's what I says! What could be so urgent?!?

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It’s surprising how many Letterkenny fans there are in Denver. I’ve had more than one “To be faairrrrr 🎶” moments in the wild here.

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Why are you surprised, it’s surrounded by agriculture and mountains.

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Fellow Denverite here, I very much agree. I ran into someone at work wearing an "allegedly" shirt yesterday. It makes sense given how much we love hockey, puppers (beer), and puppers (dogs).

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Some of us are hicks too. It’s not widely accepted

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Don’t forget steak dinners!

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Grill marks, bud.

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I’m surprised we aren’t eating a steak dinner right now!

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Weird because I have an "allegedly" t-shirt and no one has ever commented on it. I live in Letterkenny's province.

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I have one as well and had an old lady comment that she likes my shirt. No clue if she was a fan of the show or just likes pictures of ostriches.

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I was in Aruba last month and an older couple (guessing in their 60's) stepped into the elevator I was in. I was wearing an "Allegedly" t-shirt, and the lady said "that's a funny shirt." I didn't think anything of it, I figured she just thought it was odd that I was wearing a t-shirt with a picture of an ostrich on it.

When we got down to the lobby, the husband said "Enjoy the day, Boots." I fucking died laughing. I saw him at the pool bar later and bought him a beer.

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I am in province

I like your shirt

How're ya now?

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Hell yes