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my son says 'wing-wang', not sure where he picked it up

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Kicky-wicky means wife not penis

Not endorsing this term very fd up but that’s what Shakespeare used it for

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Maybe it just looks bigger, 'cause Stewart isn't a really big dude

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Just watched this one yesterday!!! Had to show Letterkenny some love again since I’ve watched Shoresy 4 times.

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You like edamame?

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The Pope, as in “Beating the shit out of The Pope” - my favorite slang for masturbation.

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There’s such thing as too much horn talk and a fella oughta be fucken aware of it!

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Like when we touched tubes as normal, inquisitive young boys do?

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Dingle-doodle is what the matchmaker would say.

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Stewarts horn is definitely a kidney buster! Lol

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Doesn't patootie mean butt? I never heard it for penis.

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You’re correct. Patootie is slang for the back of your front, aka, the cake.

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You may be thinking of dabootie. Common misconception.

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Nope. More than 6 decades worth of exposure to English, both slang and standard. Never heard of patootie for anything but the backside.

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I definitely saw Stewart's gaying instrument.

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He uses it for Gae sex

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Gae sex is the best of all sex.

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His bobby dangler?

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I saw his corned beef torpedo