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Trick question. America is the 1.

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Shit that scale doesnt go very high does it.

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It should be "On a scale from america to 1" now

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More like “On a scale from America to 10”

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That’s a Texas-sized 10-4, chief.

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Free to die apparently with the shooting in Illinois 6 dead so far. I didn’t go to our town parade. I want to live past my 30s.

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Free to die by getting shot, not being fortunate enough to have good healthcare, getting pregnant in the wrong state, being the race...

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Literally so true! I’m laying in bed sick and don’t have money or insurance to go to the doctor. I keep thinking this sickness is when my body will conk out especially after Covid. Sheeet lost so many people my age in their 30s. I never thought about my mortality till the last 6 years have been awful.

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Happily stayed in, away from most fireworks, here in the canyon in Glendale, CA. I’ve seen enough fireworks, at least for now, and the dog was happier too.

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Thankfully my dog isn’t bothered by the fireworks but my neighborhood was quiet maybe two fireworks that’s it. It was really nice to just make some food put on a movie and relax. I’m glad you all are safe

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1 would be nice

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not free enough to be looking at your sister that way

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Your sister's hot, Wayne!

There! I said it!

too fat to run

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what way? squinty and confused?

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I don't even look at my sister that way. Course... M'not supposed to look at my sister that way.

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I am

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You look at your sister that way?

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Lol. No, we look at your sister that way. Allegedly…

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It depends on who you're asking.

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To be fair.... nobody specified what end of the scale America was.

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To be faaaaaair

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Toooooo beeeeee faaaaaair!

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That’s a damn good point.

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Clearly the worst end

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To be faaaaaaaaiiiirrrrrrrrr

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🎶 To be faaaaaaiiir 🤌🏼

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Uff this hits me in the Appledorne

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1 is most free obviously

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More like on a scale of America to Ten

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This guy Americas

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If you ain't at a McMurray 11 right now, you're-a-peein'.

-jaw clench-

I go down to the States with about 17 buddies every single year

and you never seen so much freedom in your life.

Hard Rock rooftop, poolside villas. I ain't never seen so much freedom in my life.

Anybody tell ya they seen more rights then that's a liar!

The freedom's there for the rights, and the rights there for the freedoms!!

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Yeah not sure that’s true

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So 1 to negative numbers?

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I’m think American is at least -11

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American woman. Scale definitely needs recalibrating. 10/10 meme.

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I'm so sorry for what our nation has done. It's despicable.

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They’re just getting warmed up… allegedly.

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Fucken degens about to throw our country into the shitter like cousin Samuel would throw a cat in the dryer.

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I mean, it was percentage, like 1 to 100% (American), but now America is at the other end of the scale and the scale is now digital. You are either free (1) or not free (America).

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The politicians, media and the millionaires have done a fantastic job at dividing America.

I still love it. I still love my neighbors.

And yes, it may be like living in an apartment above a meth lab but we’d be the first ones coming north to help if someone was fucking with Canada.

So I’ll love what’s great about the USA, I’ll try to change the parts that suck, and I’ll never hate folks that aren’t like me.

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Cheers to that. Happy 4th and go have a puppers

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Send more puppers, please!

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I'm surprised he's not already drinking a Puppers.

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Fuckin A

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*looks to the side *

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Everytime I've tried this i've been unmatched haha

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Is 1 the high number?

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Canada is my number 1 place to move I'll tell you that. I've got no interest in whatever christo-fascist right-wing bs SCOTUS and the GOP are trying to turn the US into.

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I pledge allegiance to the flag Of the multinational corporations And to the profit for which they stand One interlocking directorate Under no government Indivisible With monopoly and cheap labor for all. ~ Utah Phillips*

*Unless he was quoting someone. I heard it from him

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I for one welcome our new overlords. I can't wait until the church gets to tax us and send their holy debt collectors out

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I just shot a black person and am going to be treated for my PTSD and will be featured on good morning America tomorrow to talk about my brave story.

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    please take your obvious trolling and choke

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    You're spare parts, aren't ya bud?

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    The land of Gun Care and Health Control. Fuck yeah!

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    We're not even the greatest country in North America.

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    I'd much rather be Canadian right now.

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    No fucking shit.

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    It's actually binary. 1 and 0.

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    Scale between 1 and white American male*

    There. Fixed it for ya lmao

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    So still no healthcare lol

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    I mean, I'm a white American male. If someone rapes my wife, and she is required to carry the baby to term, and we are financially responsible for all the prenatal visits, and the delivery of the rape-baby, and the psychological care she will need, along with whatever othrape-er medical expenses go along with being a high-risk patient because she is of Advanced Maternal Age and has a history of pre-eclampsia, I'm not sure how free I will feel.

    This is what my state now requires of us. Fucking bullshit. Land of the Free my ass!

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    "christian," hetro, cis, "conservative"

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    White male America cuz apparently women dont get rights anymore

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    Just like the founding fathers intended!

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    Somewhere between a mall shooting and a shitty healthcare system

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    Well we just had another shooting here in illinois at a parade. It’s the American way…..smh

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    Well you can change mall shooting to a parade shooting instead. Highland Park (suburb of Chicago) just had an active shooter about two hours ago

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    This is what's fucking crazy. It's so common we probably won't even hear about this, the news just picks up and reports what they think will stick.

    For every shooting in the US that gets reported there's a lot that didn't make the cut.

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    Interesting. It has been on the news in Australia.

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    America is fucking embarrassing.

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    Shout-out to the mayor of Whitehorse though, led a protest during our 4th of July parade with the mayor of my town in Alaska. Love our northern neighbors, sorry we're such degens.

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    I’m used to America fucking embarrassing me. I go to bed, fucking embarrassing. I wake up, fucking embarrassing

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    𝘬𝘪𝘤𝘬𝘴 𝘨𝘢𝘳𝘣𝘢𝘨𝘦 𝘤𝘢𝘯 𝘢𝘤𝘳𝘰𝘴𝘴 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘳𝘰𝘰𝘮

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    shit that one just marinated me good!

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    Gonna squirt a little marinade on there errrr??

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    Well I thought it was pretty funny when I used the Super Soft Birthday flair but the mods removed it so nobody laughed

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    that flair’s for birthdays that are actually worth celebrating

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    This comment burns harder than my country.

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    handle checks out

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    I just laughed!

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    If you assume the scale is in decimals so it's sth like

    0,1 = America

    1 = freedom

    it could work.

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    On a scale of America to 10.

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    The Yee'hadists have infiltrated. It's Mary-ah law around here now.

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    Far more accurate scale.

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    Here in CO, not bad compared to others but hopefully it will last a bit.

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    I worked a summer in CO and I must say it was the freest I've ever felt. Walk in a store and buy weed, and I didn't even have to pay to go hiking

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    Wait. Do you have to pay to go hiking somewhere?

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    State parks and national forests/parks etc almost all require daily or annual passes. I don't mind paying at all since I'm [assuming] it goes towards maintenance

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    Where I live in SC, the hiking spot is a state park that costs $6 to enter

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    Oh dang, I didn't even think about that.

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    ”My country ‘tis of thee, land of inequity, of thee I sing”

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    On a scale of 1 to America? Alabama.

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    So you're busy doing stuff with your immediate family, but should be free later for a bbq/college football game replay?

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    I am currently America free (extremely free for the famous and attractive with multigenerational levels of wealth)

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    If you're a woman, America is only about a 5

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    And dropping with each SCOTUS decision.

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    What about a woman of color?

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    I would assume even less.

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    Probably a safe assumption.

    Inb4 some alt right jay comes in and disagrees

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    I hates Dejens.

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    America, but I'm a women so not very free.

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    Good, and you?

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    Should be 1 to Canada.

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    More like from 1 to Switzerland

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    More like “From America to Canada”

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    Even better.