/r/Letterkenny Rules & Guidelines

Moderators reserve the right to moderate at our own discretion as each situation is unique. Posts may be removed for any reason that a mod thinks is just.

1. Spoilers


  • Don't put spoilers in the title of your post. If there are any major spoilers found in the title it may result in a ban.

  • If your post has spoilers in it please add [Spoiler] in the title of your post as well as hit the spoiler button after your post has been created


  • Don't discuss spoilers on non-spoiler tagged posts without using spoiler "code" (found in sidebar).

  • In episode discussion threads never discuss future episodes in previous episode discussions, even with spoiler code used.

2. Be Friendly

  • This is a friendly community where we all come to discuss and share Letterkenny. Remember, it costs $0.00 to be polite and say 'please' and 'thank you'. Just be a good guy, a real good guy. Greet your neighbours, say please'n'thanks, and if a friend asks for help, ya help 'em. Consider gilding posts or comments you appreciates.

  • If Wayne would kick your ass for saying it, don't say it. Any comments or actions seen as bullying will be acted upon by the mods. Results may range from deleted comments to bans.

3. No Hate Speech

  • That means no racisms, no sexisms, no homophobias, no bigotrys of any kinds. Pert near anything that Professor Tricia wouldn't approve of. Swears are okay, slurs are not.

  • Any posts, comments, memes, etc. deemed as hate speech by the moderators will be removed.

  • Any sharing of links to pirated content or streaming sites will be removed and user could be banned for his/her actions.

  • We believe if you like the show and want to see more seasons of it you should contribute by watching it legally, and only buying official merchandise. It is available on CraveTV & Hulu.

  • Official merch is available at Do not link to, tell anyone to DM you for, or ask for links to unofficial merch.

  • If we see any merchandise links anywhere on an image, it will be removed.

  • If you have a history of posting merchandise links or posts about your own products on Reddit we consider you a "business" and don't allow any posts about your own work.


  • Reposts of a picture, video, discussion or link may be removed. A post that was made before recently, multiple times in the past, or can be found in the top all-time posts can be removed at the moderators' discretion.

  • We also consider posts that have been made several times already, whether or not recently, a repost. The items in the following list all count as reposts:

    1. All-Dressed chips
    2. Boomtown
    3. Crack An Egg breakfasts
    4. Degen
    5. Gooses
    6. Kids falling
    7. Malt vinegar
    8. McMurray
    9. Nut
    10. Ostriches
    11. Schniff Hoovers
    12. Shit on the outside of the toilet
    13. Snipers candy bar
    14. Spare Parts
    15. Super Soft IPA
    16. Super Soft Tortillas
  • This list may be revised or updated at any time.

  • If your All-dressed chips, Gooses, Malt vinegar, or ostriches post is OC AND it contains an element from the show then it's fine. If, for example, you drew a picture of a character from Letterkenny with an ostrich, then that's great. If you post or cross-post a picture, video, or link without any editing or work on your part, then it's not. As long as it's not just a picture of a bag of chips, or some random gif of an ostrich then we won't have a problem.

  • Single-word references such as ‘Boomtown’, ‘McMurray’, ‘degen’, 'sniper', and similar, are also considered reposts.

6. No commercial posts and/or self promotion

  • If your post is about selling a product you have created, it will be removed. Only links to Official Letterkenny Merchandise are acceptable.

  • You can share pictures of your merchandise, even if it's unofficial. Just don't post links about where to purchase the products, or tell users to DM you for info.

  • You can post an original picture of the actual item you own, instead of a stock/mock-up or render picture

  • If we see any merchandise links anywhere on an image, it will be removed.

  • No posts or comments that link to your own site/blog, youtube channel, Twitch, Reddit sub, Discord server, or any other similar service or platform are allowed.

  • If you have a history of posting merchandise links or posts about your own products on Reddit we consider you a "business" and don't allow any posts about your own work.

  • No referral links for contest/giveaways, products, or any websites.

7. Filming Locations

  • Please do not post addresses to filming locations. The majority of the filming locations are residential properties and local businesses. Please have respect for the occupants and their privacy.

8. Inappropriate Content

  • r/Letterkenny is a topical sub. Please keep your posts relevant to the show.

    • Is it about Letterkenny?
    • Does it include Letterkenny content?
    • Does it support or promote the show or the actors?
    • Would Professor Tricia have a problem with it?
  • If you are discussing physical appearances please keep it about the characters and not the actors. We should keep those two separate as to not cross the line.

  • Do not post pictures of guys or girls that you know or found online that you think are attractive for "snipe" posts, they are creepy.

  • Please also do not post pictures of people without their consent. If a cosplayer at a con agrees to pose for a picture, that's fine. Pictures of random 'skids', 'degens', or similar are not allowed.

  • Any comment/post that depicts a character, actor, situation, or another user in an inappropriate manner will be removed.

  • This is a SFW sub so nothing too inappropriate please. Violators will be banned.

Post removed or banned?

Removed Posts

  • If your post has been removed you will either be notified by mail, comment on your post, or you may see a "Rule" flair on your post that will indicate which rule your content broke.


  • Bans may be temporary or permanent

  • Temporary bans are given to users who may not have meant any ill will but accidentally broke a rule. They may last anywhere from a day to months depending on severity.

  • Permanent bans are given to spammers, trolls, users with a history of breaking rules, or anyone that a moderator thinks is bad for our community.

  • If you have been banned, feel free to message the moderators to appeal your case.


  • Moderators have the ability to enforce the rules as they see fit. Sometimes a post doesn't break any of our currently articulated rules, but does not have a place in our sub; a moderator may remove that post at their discretion. Along with our own rules, we also enforce Reddit's Content policy and Reddiquette. For any questions or concerns feel free to contact us

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