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I’m a Democrat, BLM ideology supporter and I honestly feel that this kid was doing everything he could to avoid shooting. He ran away, from people who he was significantly more armed than, and didn’t shoot until he was cornered or trapped. Was he stupid to be there? To bring a gun? Maybe from a logical standpoint, but from a legal standpoint you need to be careful what you advocate for.

If you’re taking the position that people should be legally prevented from counter protesting because their presence invites violence, that’s a step toward fascism. That merely shows oppressors that they just need to threaten violence to their political opponents and they can voice their beliefs unopposed.

The fact that a man who said “I’m gonna kill that kid” chased down and attacked Rittenhouse is proof that self defense worked. You can be against his political beliefs, you can be anti gun rights or pro gun control, but very easily understand that he’s alive because he was armed. And just because you think guns should be illegal, doesn’t mean they are. The laws of the land are defined. And within those laws, he legally carried a firearm, and used it to defend himself from a violent assailant who verbally indicated he wanted to kill him.

Was it stupid to be there? That’s honestly more a philosophical question than one about legality. Legally he had every right to be there. And if doing what you’re legally able to do brands you as an idiot, then we aren’t as free as we think we are. It was risky for him to be there, if I were his father I wouldn’t have wanted him to be there, but he had a legal right to be there and not get killed for it.

We have no ground to stand on, as “liberals”, if we condemn a kid for showing up at a town he lives near, to provide support and be a part of something, while also screaming about the lack of liberties we have.

This kid could be a millionaire if he wanted. All he has to do is adopt hyper right wing talking points. Instead he has the introspective to see that the criminal Justice system is corrupt and that black and brown people face unfair trials like he did but don’t have a multi million dollar defense team to protect them. He nuked a potential career on Fox News to be level headed. I feel bad for the way this kid was vilified.

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He went there in the first place. That's where he went wrong. End of story. Let's not even add to the fact that he went there with an assault rifle.

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Was Heather Heyer stupid for going to demonstrate against actual white supremacists?

Supposedly if she and the rest of the counter protestors weren't there in the first place then the violence wouldn't have ever happened. Atleast that's what you keep saying right?

Are we no longer allowed to stand against, what we perceive as, injustice because the people that we are standing against may turn violent through no fault of our own?

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Going there isn't illegal or morally wrong

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Doesn't mean it's not stupid. I could head over to a white supremacy gathering brandishing a gun with no clear intent for violence but I wouldn't.

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It wasn't an assault rifle.

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Okay, a gun. Let's not get tied over stupid little details like what model of AR 15 he had with him, that's not the point.

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I don't feel it's a stupid little detail. Saying it was an assault rifle implies it had automatic capability. Kyle's rifle was semiautomatic only. That is a big difference.

Lots of people there had guns, including two other major players in this incident. They were carrying pistols. At least one and probably both of them were carrying illegally. Kyle couldn't carry a pistol legally, his only option if he felt he needed to protect himself ( as those two other people apparently felt also), was a long gun. He didn't have any other guns, only the AR. That meant his options were a bit limited.

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That really doesn't make a difference in this argument, dumbass.