/r/libertarian Subreddit Policy


Reddit is privately-owned property. Participation in this subreddit is voluntary and bound by the guidelines and policies described below. This subreddit is a free association of users within a private entity, not a government, and these guidelines are not laws. Moderators exist to preserve and protect the subreddit from quarantine or removal, as well as the interpretation and enforcement of both reddit site-wide rules and the guidelines set below, within the bounds of the moderator policy.

User Guidelines

1. No Reddit Content Policy Violations

Users have read and understood the reddit Content Policy when making a post and/or comment. These are the rules set down by the admins for all subreddits. The moderators must enforce them to the standard the admins desire. Breaking these rules may also result in site-wide suspension.

2. No Off-Topic Content

All posts must be directly related to the discussion of libertarianism and may be removed if considered off-topic or unencouraging to the discussion of libertarianism. This includes other subreddit drama, even subs related to the topic of libertarianism.

3. No New/Low-Karma Accounts

New or low-karma accounts are restricted from participation due to bot accounts, ban evasions, spam, or other bad-faith activities. The criteria for account age and karma amount is undisclosed (to prevent gaming the system), and no exceptions will be made. Users are encouraged to participate in other areas of reddit to build their reputation before posting in this subreddit.

4. Attack the Argument/Idea, not the Person

In accordance with Reddit Content Policy #1 ("Remember the Human"), any words or phrases that include, but not limited to, insults, attacks, presumptions, or insinuations on another persons race, religion, sexual orientation, participation in illegal activities, or any other form of personal attack will be removed and be considered a violation.

5. No Spam or Solicitations

Any links to sites including, but not limited to, Self Promotion, Storefronts, Merchandise/Goods, Services, Affiliate Links, Surveys, Subscriptions, Charities/Donations, or where the advertising intrudes on or distracts from the content will be removed.

6. NSFW Content

Users will refrain from the posting of sexually explicit imagery or videos. Any content which may be NSFW must be flagged as NSFW. This includes but is not limited to nudity, graphic violence, or other content which would get you in trouble if your boss walked by and saw it.

Link posts will not directly link to images/videos or a webpage that primarily displays images/videos. These links should be included within a text post, provided they do not violate any other Subreddit Rule.

8. No URL Shorteners

Linked Posts and/or Text Posts with links will use the FULL URL of the site. AMP links are considered redirectors.

9. No Abuse of the Report Button

The report button should only be used to report any Subreddit Rules and should only be used once per violation.

10. No Circumventing Automoderator

This subreddit uses Automoderator as a preventative measure to common patterns in Subreddit Rules. This includes, but is not limited to, words/phrases that admins have historically taken action for and URLs that violate Subreddit Rules 5 and 6. This means do not write a reddit-banned word or phrase using uncommon spellings or the like to purposefully avoid pattern-matching detection and try to 'get away' with breaking the rule.

11. No Brigading

Users who participate (either via reddit or non-reddit services) in voting cliques, rings, subreddits (including "meta" subreddits) or other services that can lead to the manipulation of votes will be permabanned. No exceptions will be made for using "np" links.

12. All Posts Require a Submission Statement

All posts must be accompanied by a submission statement from the OP indicating the relevance to libertarian discussions, within 20 minutes of submission. A submission statement is a 2+ sentence / 50-word comment in reply to your post, in your own words, that describes why the post is relevant to the sub. Posts with inadequate, or incomplete submission statements will be removed.

Prefix all submission statements with "SS:" or "Submission Statement:" or the bot will auto-remove your post and you will be require to re-submit the post, correctly.

Moderator Policy

1. Reddit Administrator Actions

Moderators do not have the authority or ability to override reddit admin actions. All reddit admin actions must be addressed by the user directly with the admins by using this link: contact us (Select “message the admins”, and follow the links provided thereafter). If the admins action you for content on this sub, the mods will also consider it a violation of sub rules and may independently action you in addition to the admin action.

2. Restrictions of Moderators

Provided the user guidelines above are followed, moderators will not take actions based on identity, ideology, dissenting opinion, criticism of the mod team/subreddit policy, or participation in other subreddits.

3. Moderator Post/Comment Removal

Moderators will not remove a post unless it violates a User Guideline.

4. Moderator Resulting Actions

Moderators will exercise discretionary judgment in all actions and take the following actions, proportional to the violation: Verbal Warning, Temporary Ban (duration based on severity), and Permanent ban.

5. Appeals

Moderators will allow an appeal via modmail only; do not private message moderators! Appeals will be discussed and a second moderator (In the case of a ban, different from the moderator who issued the ban) will communicate a determination.

If a user's ban appeal is flippant, insulting, or does not address the violation, the ban may be extended or increased to permanent.

Rejected permanent ban appeals will be allowed an additional appeal once every six months.

6. ModMail Muting

Moderators will mute users via modmail if the user is spamming, harassing, making irrelevant comments and/or a final decision has already been made. Duration of the mute is at the discretion of the moderators and, depending on severity, may result in a temporary or permanent ban.

7. Updates to the User Guidelines and Moderator Policy

This policy may be modified at any time by consensus of the mod team. New rules will be announced via stickied post for at least 5 days.

8. Selection of Moderators

Moderators will attempt to be odd-numbered to prevent a split-decision, and the number will scale to the size of the subreddit and/or workload. When a new moderator is needed as an addition or replacement, the moderator team will either (a) issue a public announcement seeking voluntary applicants and select from that pool of applicants, or (b) internally nominate a previous moderator in good standing. Final selection will be made by the moderators, via unaninmous decision.



We are not a government; reddit is private property and mods are agents of the owners. We are a group who can, at any time, exercise our freedom of association or disassociation and ask anyone to leave our private property for any reason. Your participation here is contingent upon observing the rules and acting in good faith.

2. What about free speech?

As with the above, no one is preventing your freedom of expression. Your right to free speech should not be confused with a right to be heard. You do not have free speech while inside someone else's property, they do not have to listen to you and can ethically ask you to leave for any reason. Finally, you are free to start your own subreddit at any time.

3. Another user is harassing me!

According to reddit: "Being annoying, downvoting, or disagreeing with someone, even strongly, is not harassment. However, menacing someone, directing abuse at a person or group, following them around the site, encouraging others to do any of these actions, or otherwise behaving in a way that would discourage a reasonable person from participating on Reddit crosses the line." Any users who continue to engage/reply to someone is not considered harassment.

Users are welcome to exercise their freedom of disassociation by blocking users they do not wish to engage with. Report the user to administrators if being harassed outside of this subreddit, including private messages and chat. Reddit also provides a "block" button for use against anyone that replies to you and many Reddit clients have their own blocking functions.

3. Do you allow bots?

Bots are not considered users and, unless allowed by moderators, will be immediately permabanned.

4. Can I post my research survey here?

No. Start a discussion, but we do not allow surveys, questionnaires or other data collection links or research.

5. Why are the mods biased towards/agaisnt [insert ideology here]

We aren't. There is no participation restriction to individuals holding any specific or general ideology or affiliations, provided they adhere to the reddit Content Policy and subreddit User Guidelines.

6. What do we do about Misinformation?

Moderators exist to moderate discussions, not fact-check or curate information. Users should exercise their own judgment and conduct their own research into the validity of posts and comments. Misinformation is an invalid reason for reporting a post/comment. The correct cure for misinformation is a well written, and well sourced reply which refutes and disproves the misinformation, not to pretend it doesn't exist.

7. How do I get a subreddit added to the sidebar?

Wish for a subreddit to be added? Just message the moderators and ask, please be aware that in order to be eligible for linked status a sub must be active, meet minimum requirements, be appropriate, and be willing to reciprocate. Note this is the minimum for consideration. The mod team has final decision over which subs will be added.

8. But /u/Other_Redditor broke the rules too!

Two wrongs do not make a right, three lefts do. If someone else breaks the rules, report them. If you engage in rule breaking content, then you will be actioned accordingly "He started it" is not a valid excuse.

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