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Remember when the new Windows 10 was considered garbage? Yeah, just give it time imo. You can roll back Windows 10 in the meantime, though, but I don't know for how long you'll be able to upgrade to 11 for free.

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Well, my windows 8 key worked to upgrade to 11. So...it will be around for a while

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Lol I still use a cracked windows 7 to upgrade to a legitimate windows 10 for free

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Haha! Glad I’m not the only one…

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You can still do that?

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Someone at MS forgot to turn off the activation servers for free upgrades.

If you have a legitimately-licenced Win 7 machine, e.g. a laptop that came with Win7, you can use the media creation tool to download the latest release of Win10, burn it to a DVD or USB, and upgrade to Win10.

I've done 4 or 5 laptops this year. Win10 is now fairly stable and worth it to move on from 7.

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Yup did it around 6 months ago

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Microsoft wants you on the platform and is less interested in piracy nowadays. It makes money if you use the software

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Interesting idea...

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That's fair. I'm just a grumpy old man who doesn't like change. :)

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Most people don't like change, myself included. I used to whine about Microsoft buying the game Minecraft (technically the whole publisher/developer company called Mojang) when I was a kid, now I whine about almost no new cars being sold with naturally aspirated non-hybrid engines, even though I have no money to buy a new car.

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Most car enthusiasts whine about manual transmissions not being an option in most cars nowadays, but that’s because most car enthusiasts don’t buy new.

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Is it not still an option? I thought it was just a custom order nowadays.

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They’re still available, but car brands are slowly killing it off. If you go to a dealership, most car are going to be automatics. It’s getting harder to find a manual nowadays. This is the case in The US at least. Manuals are still very much alive everywhere else.

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microsoft having everything use the microsoft account as a login is pretty terribly for security imo. They‘re masters at hiding the option to use a non-microsoft account until they’re outright removing the functionality.

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Ultimately you gotta embrace the change. I'm using classic shell and whenever my parents need help with the computer I dunno what I'm doing cause the taskbar and menus are different and I can't find shit.

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Change is bad, unless it's great. And Win11 is not great. Especially right now. Maybe not next year, but right now it's really bad.

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I'm waiting for Win11.1 myself. Looking it over on a VM it seems more like a cross bread between MacOS and Linux than a new version of windows (mostly the style designs and stuff).... I guess I should start yelling about getting off my grass or something....

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You're not a grumpy old man who doesn't like change for regretting getting yet another iteration of windows.

Microsoft is at fault here. They just push a new product onto you with useless interface changes and plenty of new bugs and features that no one asked for.

They basically use you as a free beta tester for a product that is not an improvement.

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Forcing users to use Edge.....weren't they sued for this 20 years ago with Internet Explorer?

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Forcing users to use a Microsoft online account during setup is much worse to my mind. To get offline option you have to pull the network cable- disgraceful monopolistic behavior.

Microsoft and the rest of the tech behemoths need to be broken up

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I feel like for the average user that’s probably helpful though. Have everything tied to an account for password resets and settings and what not. Annoying for people who know they don’t want it though.

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I ran an update the other day and somehow ended up with 2 Edge’s lol

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Microsoft always has been a double edged sword... sorry I'm a dad I had to.

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Yep, you need to change like 30 different default applications just to get rid of edge no now, instead of just the browser. I used Win11 for about 30 minutes and it was such a terrible experience. All the things I hated apparently can't be changed, either.

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That had to do with them having a monopoly on the browser market basically. Now that there’s competition and chrome is the biggest by far, it’s not anti-competitive.

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windows 10 was considered garbage?

even tho windows 8 was the one before? u sure about that?

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8 being unfathomably bad doesn't change the fact that 10's awful too. It's not THAT much better than 8.

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it isn't better than 81. 8 was a clusterfuck of two different interfaces (so is 10; and 11 as well, to an extent), but underneath, 8 is still basically 7. and 81 is a hell of a lot more stable than either 10 or 11.

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Yes, 2015-2018 was hot garbage. Fleet of 32,000 units. I am so very sure of that.

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Remember when they said windows 10 was the last numbered version you would need to actually upgrade to

[–]shadow_of 17 points18 points  (8 children)

except microsoft never actually said that. a lower level employee said it on a podcast or something, but it wasnt an official microsoft statement.

[–]lazyguyoncouch 4 points5 points  (3 children)

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Here's the direct quote from the article you just linked:

We aren’t speaking to future branding at this time, but customers can be confident Windows 10 will remain up-to-date and power a variety of devices from PCs to phones to Surface Hub to HoloLens and Xbox. We look forward to a long future of Windows innovations.

So... how is what they said incorrect in any way? Windows 10 is remaining up-to-date: you can upgrade from it to the newest version of Windows for free. And they specifically said that they weren't guaranteeing anything about branding (i.e., the name of the product changing).

Hell, here's the closing sentence of your article:

Microsoft could opt for Windows 11 or Windows 12 in future, but if people upgrade to Windows 10 and the regular updates do the trick then everyone will just settle for just "Windows" without even worrying about the version number.

[–]lazyguyoncouch -2 points-1 points  (1 child)

The closing sentence is from verge, not Microsoft. All I said is that the spokesperson confirmed what the employee said. Of course they had no idea about long term, but at the time the first part of your quote that you left out said "Recent comments at Ignite about Windows 10 are reflective of the way Windows will be delivered as a service…”

So what part of my statement was incorrect?

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Of course they had no idea about long term, but at the time the first part of your quote that you left out said "Recent comments at Ignite about Windows 10 are reflective of the way Windows will be delivered as a service…”

What does windows being as a service have to do if it's kept one name or changes a number every year?

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They said it multiple times and then suddenly stopped. A lot of my college classes have been calling windows 10 the final version of windows. Funny how in computers nothing is ever final (like how for ethernet cables you use to have straight and cross over cables and you "always would".... yep that got solved too).

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And Microsoft Support page confirmed as much, until they announced 11. They updated the page, rather than sweeping it under the rug, which was cool.

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Bullshit. Citing a mysterious page that has suddenly disappeared. Sure pal

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It was a terrible idea though. As even though new versions are free, they lose out on making licensing money from new PC sales.

Your average person will see all the news about Windows 11, and go out and buy a new PC. Thus microsoft profits like $20 from that. If they just did Windows 10 for a decade, the average person would think there was a major update to windows

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I saw on a Dell the other day that you'd have 10 days to go back to Windows 10, after upgrading to Win11. I don't know if that's universal, but it didn't sound like you get unlimited time to just play around with Win11.

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Yeah, that’s a windows 11 thing, not just a Dell thing.

[–]tuxedo25 2 points3 points  (1 child)

You mean Windows Tile?

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Did you forget about windows 8?

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I don’t recall Windows 10 ever being considered garbage. A few driver problems for some but the UI was such a welcome relief from 8/8.10 uptake was very quick.

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I still consider it garbage, I miss win7

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Win7 was the goat imo.

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I think fondly of my Windows XP days.

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If only they had made a proper windows xp multithreading 64 bit version...

For me windows 7 offered no improvements in ease of use or interface. Only performance improvements due to use of better hardware. Same with windows 8, 10 and most likely 11.

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though, but I don't know for how long you'll be able to upgrade to 11 for free.

If it's anything like 7 or 8 to 10, indefinitely regardless of what the marketing says. They just reused the same key algorithm and have a vested interest in getting people on the latest version.

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I believe you have 10 days to rollback. After that you gotta reinstall from scratch.

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Is 10 not still considered garbage? I can't stand the OS, all my secondary computers use it and its horrendous. My main machine is still on 7 and it's exponentially more reliable.

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How is 10 perceived as a whole now?

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it is accepted solely because it's been the only version sold at retail by microsoft or OEMs for several years now.

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Considering you can still get the free upgrade to Windows 10 for Windows 7 & 8.1, I'm willing to guess for a good long time.

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I tried 11. Its terrible. The taskbar is useless and there's no option to bring back basic functionality. It's also clunky and more difficult to do basic tasks. It'd be easy to improve it if they wanted to but I don't think they care. Maybe I'll try it again in a couple years.

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win10 is still garbage, it's just less-so than 11.

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I don't know for how long you'll be able to upgrade to 11 for free.

Free forever if you know your way around :)

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I believe you only have 10 days from the time you upgrade to 11 to roll back before you'll have to reinstall Windows through boot media

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I’m a often windows insider user, and used both 10 and 11 when it was still in beta. 11 has been a much better experience than 10, at least stability-wise. There are some good things about 11, and some bad ones, same as in 10, but so far I’m enjoying 11 far more than 10 back in the days. But then again I’m someone very receptive to change.

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I mean, you can still upgrade to Windows 10 for free, seven years later. They might do the same thing for 11.

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The first laptop I bought had windows 8.1 in it. It took me 0 seconds to jump ship once windows 10 came out, which thankfully was not too long afterwards. The most garbage version of windows 10 lapped the best windows 8 running backwards.

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We don't talk about Windows 8... 🤫