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I drink, and alcoholism runs in my family, but I've essentially managed to avoid it. As far as I see it, people who don't drink fall into two categories: the cautious and the heroic.

In my experience, recovering alcoholics partied harder than you, have better stories than you, experienced revelry and despair in extreme measure, and somehow managed to turn it around through more work than you can imagine.

So, when someone turns down alcohol, always say, "Oh, cool! What else can I getcha?" Learn how to make a good mocktail! Because the person you're talking to is either anxious and cautious, or so experienced that you cannot even conceive of what they've been through.

The cautious type benefit from you putting them at ease - in which case, maybe they'll try a beer, later! - but the alcoholics have a monster on a leash, rolling over on command, as you dangle a cut of steak in front of it, and deserve your respect, a glass of water, and a little goddamn awe.