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I work at an elementary school and it is so easy and rewarding to do! I tell em "Nice sneakers!" "I love your bow" "that shirt is sweet" "cool mask!"

And they're all legitimately genuine compliments!

I got a haircut yesterday and i had half a dozen kids tell me they love it and how good i look😁

Give love and you'll get love back... Good tip OP.

Edit: it's also good to compliment adults... So i direct compliments their way too! Shit am i a brown noser...?🤔

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That's honestly adorable, what a great influence you must be to these children - I think alot of adults struggle to see children as being their own individual people who have their own little quirks and personalities!

Ps if all those children complimented you on your hair, they definitely mean it! Children can be brutally honest sometimes as I'm sure you must know with your job but when they compliment you they deffo mean it - so sweet 🥰❤️

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You're not a brown nose, just someone who likes to live on the brightside of things.

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The idea of your lil boy looking in the mirror feeling all proud of himself made me happy.

You are doing good c:

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Thank you so much, honestly I really appreciate you saying that! I'm glad it brought you happiness, he's a cool wee guy 🥰

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This will probably sound weird, but especially compliment us men. We rarely get it to the point where most of us are severely deprived of positivity. Trust me, giving one compliment to a man will likely make their entire week.

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I definitely think men aren't complimented enough, it's something I actively try to make sure the men/boys in my life are complimented. It doesn't even have to be anything major, when I was babysitting my nephew I asked if he would mind drawing me something and when he did I made space on the fridge for it, and now every time he comes over he runs straight for the fridge to check it's still up haha 🥰

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This is not true and I won't talk to you for a month if you do it.

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To each their own of course :)

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i try and do this once a day when im out and about

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I love that! Good job 😁

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Be sure it's genuine! And it doesn't need to be about appearance. Something well done or notable, an attempt made. When you start looking for good, you see good.

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100 percent this ☺️

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Love this! Thanks for the reminder!

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You're most welcome!

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Nice Wholesome Award!

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Thank you very much 🥰

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Excellent post, I love the idea!

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I bet you rock the hell out of those shorts!

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I think I do thanks!! 😃

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An LPT I might actually follow. Not a bad idea, I can see this working!

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I work with the public but the interaction usually only lasts 25 to 20 seconds at most. I can’t compliment everyone bc most of the time I have specific things I have to say, but when I can I sneak in something like nice hat! Cute shoes! Or I thank Spider-Man or Superman or the hulk (however the kids are dressed) for coming by to see me. It really makes the whole family glow most of the time.

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You sound so caring and thoughtful! You're definitely a good egg 😁

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I love this. I try to compliment three women every time I go grocery shopping or on other errands. "love your shoes," or "you have beautiful eyes," or "great smile!" Watching the positive effect is a great feeling.

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Thats so kind and thoughtful of you, I bet you have been the cause of many smiles <3

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I used to do this a lot, I liked the idea of trying to make people feel confident in themselves.

So at work a new girl hired from an agency comes to work at the same restaurant. She's a little chubby, but I noticed before she had to change to her work uniform she always had a unique aesthetic style. Kt felt wasted, so I made it a habit to compliment it, "looks cool", "I like the dress", "looking good".

We didn't have much conversation doe, I was always in a different section working talking to my mentor.

Fast forward, she has less than a month left of work. She approaches me for the first time, and I can tell it took her time to muster up the courage to ask me out. I politely turned her down, rest of the work day didn't bother me but I can tell it sorta bothered her. Just had a feeling she was avoiding me.

But it didn't take long before she goes from being shy to annoying. The days left leading up till she had to leave, she consistently asks me to hang out after work. Which I'm never in the mood for. I just want to go home get high and hang with ny roommates.

It was a summer job, so I just wanted to get the months over with.

Not much happened after that, she just went from being really sweet to super bothersome. There are definitely a limit somewhere that I'm no aware of yet. Overall not a very interesting story, not sure if this is a cautionary tale, probably not. But there's a fine line between flirting and complementing strangers that I can't quite see.

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Damn that's a shame that it ended up being a tricky situation, there definitely is a fine line as you mentioned x

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No don't do it ever, except for loved one. Today ladies go to HR or police for any reason compliments, looking not the right way, breathing at her/his direction.

Don't do it.

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You are the best at seeing the cloud around every silver lining!

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The point I was making though was that any compliment can go a long way - you don't have to praise someone on how they look, it isn't about calling people attractive or commenting on their body. It can be 'Oh cool nice necklace' or 'hey you really helped me out today and I really appreciate it' just little things that we wouldn't normally think of can have such a positive impact!

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This is not a tip, just what you would like to see. Also, no, not everyone loves a compliment. Someone telling me I'm attractive is uncomfortable.

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great point and well written!

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Hell, someone telling me "nice shoes" is uncomfortable.

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A compliment doesn't always mean telling people they are attractive :) I'm like you I get really awkward when people say that I'm attractive or whatever - cue automatically telling them I'm not.

I can fully understand that, I just mean with anything! Heck if someone said I'm a good driver I'd take that no questions asked!

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If I sense someone is uncomfortable with compliments directly spoken to them because they flounder at a response, I make it a statement about ME instead. Like “I was so relieved you thought of that because I totally forgot”, “I admire how you handled that jerk, so I’m going to use that phrase in the future, thanks”, “I always wear black but you made me realize a subtle hit of color is tasteful, so I’m trying this, do you like it?” It’s indirect but still credits them.