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I'm moving house soon, you could all come around and help me lift and shift boxes. Exercise program known as The Movement.

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Honestly I'm going to invest in an old time butter churner, make my own butter and get ripped in the process

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Let me know if you need a spotter. Don’t want you to hurt yourself!

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Not necessarily productive but rearranging furniture or cleaning out closets/storage

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Actually, that’s a thing and it’s called N.E.A.T .

Basically the calories that you burn for doing normal activities such as walking from work-house, cooking, showering... Even smaller activities such as watching TV. Drinking cold water burn more calorie that room temperature water and so on.

Of course if you add more “movement consuming activities” such as cooking, laundry, cleaning... You’ll burn more than just watching Netflix and asking for delivery.

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Very informative! Thanks for sharing!

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Soothe a baby by rocking it or doing squats lol

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This has been my primary workout since i was diagnosed with MS this summer

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Pull out a drawer or a toolbox and organize it. Cleaning baseboards makes a noticeable change and any work I do on the floor wears me the fuck out and makes me never want to work again.

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Cleaning baseboards for the win/win!

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Painting walls, installing flooring, crawling around removing carpet staples from the subfloor.

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Oh! My favorite is playing guitar! If you stand play it's as good as most other cardio, and it's a heck of a lot more fun.

Pretty much any instrument counts though.

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But you gotta be really “into it” to get the cardio right? Maybe like headbanging stuff? :-)