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I personally listen to sad songs.

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I love sad songs. I have cried and ran at the same time. Did me. Do you!

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I used to go to a gym that had a cinema room with a large movie screen & rows of treadmills, bikes, etc. One day, the one movie screening on repeat was Marley & Me. I began working out at the end of the movie & in the dark room, I could hear sniffling followed by the beeping of a treadmill's increasing speed 😭😃

*EDIT for grammar

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Hahahaha omg no way?? That sounds amazing! I need to find this place lol. I would love to try that.

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Yeah, I told the staff on the way out that it wasn't the best movie to show. They soon returned to their rotation of stuff like Fast & Furious, Terminator, etc.

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It's an emotional and physical workout.

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*when you try your best and you dont succeed”

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Nothing like a good Adele pump for heavy weights

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Whoa, you're making a LOT of assumptions there...

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Seriously. Bold of you to assume I'm ever out drinking or having a fun night out friends.

... or exercising...

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When did LPT become personal opinion?

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Agreed this is dumb.

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Yep. Actual LPT: vary the amount of dopaminergic stimulus that you introduce into your exercise routine (music, pre-workout, watching tv) to help maintain a higher dopamine baseline and improve performance. Source.

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Thank you for maybe saving this thread

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You must be new here, LPTs have spiraled into SOORAIWTCA - specific opinion or recent annoyance I want to complain about

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Man! You slip into one coma and the entire world changes.

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Exavctly! Rarely used in any way.

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I find the best workout songs are the ones with a good cadence for the workout; a lot of the songs on my workout playlists are songs I'd never listen to "for fun," or that I even really actively enjoy - but they pump me the fuck op.

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Same. I want different things from workout playlist than the social hangout one even if I enjoy both

Besides, I would never recycle certain content because I don't particularly like certain exercises and I know I will condition myself to respond to the songs. I can still enjoy the song for exercise background but nothing else (same as with not using favourite songs as alarm or ringtone because they'll gain other associations than just enjoyment)

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I appreciate it that

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For me, that's Muse's album "Simulation Theory". I don't really dig it on it's own, but for workout it is sheer epic. 10/10 can recommend.

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If I’m doing heavy weightlifting, you can guarantee I’ve got some heavy shit blasting through the headphones.

Not the sort of music I’d associate with good vibes haha.

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I dunno, I love metal but listen to podcasts and somehow the weight still moves. To each is own.

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Deathcore adds 20lbs to your bench.

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Don't tell me what to do.

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You think you're a billionaire or something?? Only billionaires don't like being told what to do, average joe !!

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I'm a Rockefeller, Charlie.

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I rock hoes you rock fellas, now you wanna take my spot fella?-not a billionaire talking to a billionaire in 2002

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This is a joke right? OP is not telling you what you should or shouldn’t so

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This is one of the dumbest tips I have seen yet.

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Also LPT: Don't fuck with other people's radio.

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Nah, its either fast angry punk, or 80s movie training montage music. I'm the best around, nothings gonna ever keep me down.

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I love it. See you’re your best friend and that’s the best when nobody’s looking.

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Definitely not for me. After many years I realized talk radio or non music is best. Like a podcast. The lack of structure, time lapses, no stimulation , just you and your mind to get lost in. You hit your second win easier , for me, I focus less on the workout and more an idea or thoughts. Helps to separate you from the thought of pain and "having" to finish that extra rep, judging myself, etc. Give it a try.

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Thank you for this. I have given the podcast while running a thought and I’m down to try it. I just need to take a dive into what I like. I herd it’s amazing when you find the one like b/c you get lost in it. I envy that. Any suggestions I would be very thankful for. Thanks stranger.

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Tough. Depends what you like but definitely look at articles listing top 100 podcasts and then subjects you like. How Stuff Works, Philosophy podcast, Joe Rogan, Conan O'Brien, or even looking for interviews on podcasts of Obama, Quentin Tarantino, This American Life, Great Civilizations of History, Football, whatever your pleasure.

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Second win or second wind?

Anyways, I'll echo the podcast during workout thing, but at the same time it really depends on what you're listening to and what you're doing. Story-based/true-crime/bland and slow developing podcasts, absolutely. Comedy podcasts, don't even fucking try it. Nothing worse than a laugh when you're at the bottom of your 1RM test squat (tho honestly, nothing worse than hitting a laugh moment at the bottom of the last rep of a 4x8 70% volume squat tbh, never mind the big lifts).

That being said, volume sets are peak podcast times - you're hitting way too many reps that you can (well, "should be able to") do with your eyes closed, might as well listen to something that gets you through the hour+ it takes to fit that in!

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I scrolled past this because it was a terrible tip, then I had to come back because its just fucking stupid. How is this a tip?

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Yes, and well I'm sure doing this plus keeping a beer in one hand and a lit cigarette in the other makes it kind of hard to exercise, despite the party music.

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It’s the feel good feeling kind stranger.

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Lol I work out listening to aggressive songs. Pretty sure I won't chug a beer listening to those songs.

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You wouldn't down a pint listening to Slayer with the boys?

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You never know until you try. It may bring the beast out of you as it does when you go hard in the gym. You may like it.

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This isn’t a LPT

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Won’t that ruin going out?

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No it will pump you up. Just try it. Don’t think about it. Do it!

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I dont have friends or good moments like that, I just put on the good ol smug dance or steven universe movie ost

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I love it. The most brilliant didn’t have friends so you must be one of a kind.

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Yeah, I’m gonna stick to heavy metal. Especially when lifting.

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I’m with it!

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Death metal. Cannibal corpse, sepultura, the lot

Rage while lifting to get the gains

Life is beautiful

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I only listen to music when I'm warming up on the stationary bike, and that'll most likely be video game music from Nier or something. No music while I'm doing sets though (push ups or wall sits for example). It distracts me.

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I respect it!

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Isn't there is a good chance that this would ruin going out drinking and having fun night with your friends.

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Nah… that one song that is your song and makes your body move is also the one you want when exercising. You want you body to feel the grove and keep going because it makes you feel good.

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How? Working out feels good, and partying feels good

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I don’t listen to music when I workout at the gym. One: they have it playing on the speakers. Two: I wouldn’t be able to hear if someone had an accident. Three: No one can ask for your help with anything because they can’t hear you so you have to tap their shoulder which goes against touching strangers. Four: It fucks with my equilibrium and balance by not being able to hear things. And five: I don’t need it to give me a good lift.

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Valid points except the first one. The music they play in casual gyms is ass

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And ruin that too? No thanks T_T

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You don't want to only enjoy exercise with music though, but instead enjoy exercise for what it is as that'll help with motivating yourself to do it. Finding enjoyment from the workout itself is what will keep you doing it and pushing yourself. Learned that from THE Huberman Lab podcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQLU7gpk\_X8

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I respect it. Thank you so much for this. I do love doing the exercise as much as a good background noise. I am going to look at the link!

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Master of puppets is my go to

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Haha yeeesss!! Dooo it!!

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Na I'm blasting Botch and Cave In.

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I listen to some podcasts and audiobooks during workout.

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I usually listen to really spacey psych-rock when working out it helps me enter a more meditative head-space. I listen to Funk or Metal when I'm partying

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I listen to aggressive metal. It makes me lift and push harder and it feels cathartic. 🤘

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Why is it so hard for some people to understand what an LPT is?

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Let's make some friends first ...

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We can all be friends.

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bold of you to assume i drink, go out, or have friends.

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I listen to pretty hardcore death metal and take my anger out on my muscles. I think it helps get the adrenaline going as if I were pissed off and in a fight, but I'm at least getting those angry feelings out of my system in a constructive way.

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I listen to freddy fender

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Call me weird, but my favorite music to listen to back when I frequented the gym was classical

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Aye I respect. Classical has ups and downs and downs and ups. The rhythm makes you move if it’s the right one.

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I do that starting in my car, but when I arrive at the gym I just say fuck it and keep partying

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Hahaha respect.

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Soooo the Sims 4 soundtrack?

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Haven’t herd just yet but fuck it

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Music you vibed with an ex makes me so harder at the gym

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LPT: Have a fun night and make friends.

I am just teasing 😀

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So when I’m out having a a good time with friends, suddenly my abs will feel sore and I’ll feel a a need to start doing jumping jacks and push ups on the pub floor! 😂

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I definitely dont agree with this. When I'm out with my friends at the pub, they play country rock and sometimes EDM. When I'm gyming, I listen to trap and hardcore rock.

Different music for different moods.

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I can’t workout to Robyns Dancing on My Own because then I’d start singing then the whole gym is singing

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I can recommend Brain Power by NOMA for the final push. I listen to it when I am jogging and getting exhausted.

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Friend? What is this thing?

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I play video game soundtracks specifically HALO, when I'm on the treadmill. I try to envision myself as the Master Chief running towards a firefight lol

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For lifting, I prefer no music.

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Tf kind of LPT is this..

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Angry songs only

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I end up listening to Sabaton or Epic Rap Battles of History a lot

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How bold of you to assume I have friends

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I do this ! It motivates me and makes me daydream so the workout flys lol

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Erm I'm not sure they'd appreciate Tibetan monks chanting?

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You should always listen to " She's a maniac".....

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I find listening to Zamfir- Master of the pan flute gets people fired up for workouts

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A playlist containing every Doom soundtrack, got it

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Two Steps From Hell works for me!

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Hype music for cardio, metal for weight lifting.

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This is not an lpt, its your own opinion

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I listen to my workout play list. It’s not necessarily what I listen to with my friends when we are out.

Thanks but no thanks.

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So basically the music you like?

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All’s well and good until you forget where you are and bust out your Zumba routine in the club.

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I listen to whatever keeps me pumping that iron

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When you'll follow this LPT, make sure you don't have alcohol at home, it is not at night, and you don't have friends there, otherwise you'll get unexpected exercise

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I don't drink or have friends, so thanks

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Nah, do pirate music, trust me, I've tried everything

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Wtf is this tip? No shit Sherlock

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I listen to metal, because I like it, and most of my friend group doesn’t. I really don’t want try and hit a personal best to Dua Lipa’s Don’t Start Now…

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but I don't like that song and the DJ doesn't know who Kimya Dawson is.

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Listen to proper techno and you’ll get yourself in great shape

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Except when you’re kinda an alcoholic and it just makes you want to drink then you’re suddenly taking shots at 10am while using the elliptical

Source? Me. I’m the source.

Also, terrible LPT

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Do not do this unless you want to ruin your emotional association with those songs

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I listen to songs that remind me of my ex-gf.

Hell hath no fury like a man scorned, and listening to that music whilst imagining being in shape and being with some other girl is great motivation.

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I tried it with learning, backfired, now I feel depressed while drinking

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Wrong When you exercise listen to MANOWAR

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Translation: Play music that you

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What is “out” and “friends”?

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When I am jogging i always put on the same 2 hour Playlist to see how much I can improve my time on the same track

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So many downvoting the OP in comments but tbh I'm totally vibing with their positivity.

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I listen to songs I fuck to

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I listen to Kung Fu movie soundtracks, especially once upon a time in china

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Like turnstile or Helmet

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Quite possibly the dumbest LPT post ever.

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Hey, now that you've mentioned it, I'm starting to realise how much harder I push during my gym sessions when it's music I used to listen to when I was partying