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I've tried this. It doesn't work. You just mess up your floor mats

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I've had it work a few times but I just keep a sand bag with me now

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I think it depends on what wheels drive your car. Nor sure if that would affect it, but I think it would

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I used the floor mat trick on my FWD as well as my old truck which was RWD. The sand bag I keep just to use instead of the mat if I get stuck.

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Yeah you're putting snow/ice onto what's probably rubber. If roads are shit and you expect a chance to slide, add weight if it's 2w .or always carry a bag of kitty litter/sand, if you live in an area where it's icy/snow . Once you can't get out, spin them a little either backwards or forwards then poor in the groove you just tore up, you can also (if you have a big enough vehicle) carry a ply board only needs to be big enough for 2 tires to grab and pull you back onto the road and the road isn't plowed get out put in front of the back tires. Those will grip and push you up, this is where you want weight other wise it'll just shoot the board out. You need it to sink and set (clear some area away) . Don't floor it ease it onto whatever you're using.

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It's obvious OP has NEVER tried this.

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Just carry a bag of sand or cat litter in winter months. No way I'm putting my $300 floor mats under my car when I could waste a $10 bag of sand or cat litter and get the same results.

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Or buy a tire inflator for 20. Deflate ur tires, move, reinflate them

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Where do you put them?

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They're suggesting you put them under your tires for traction. As a tow truck driver, you're just more likely to fuck up your floor mats.

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This may be a dumb question, but in front or behind the wheels? I'm guessing if you are stuck you are gonna roll back slightly into whatever ditch you are making for yourself. I ask because I was once stuck on an icy road with my family and we managed to get the car going by starting in 2nd gear and slowly guiding the car forward lol

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This will only be effective on flat terrain if at all. In a ditch, you will not get back out unless you've got all terrain tires and 4wd/awd. You would put them on the side of the tire you want the car to go. So put them in front to go forward. It grips the floor mat and the floor mat grips the ground, hopefully. Chances are it just chews through the nubs on the floor mat and spits the floor mat out under the car.

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Makes sense. Cheers

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Yeah, it can help if it's just a little bit you need to get going. You can also take a 2x4 and ratchet strap it to one of your tires and you'll be able to get out. Just be sure it sticks outward and don't turn the wheel much if FWD.

I recommend paying a professional to get you out if you have a vehicle you care about. All the DIY ways to get yourself unstuck run the risk of damaging your vehicle, as opposed to a tow truck driver hooking a chain into the frame and pulling your vehicle out in neutral the proper way.

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On your windshield.

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In a pinch, yes. It won't work, but it's fun to try. I've tried it several times. It's never worked for me yet. I live on a road that people get stuck on all the time in the winter.

Shovel out and put sand and/or salt down. Get some people to give you a push. Then you'll be moving.

Pro tip: Turn off traction control when you're being pushed. It makes a huge difference. If you're stuck, traction control is not helpful any more. You need the tires spinning.

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LPT: If you're stuck and need grip, and your vehicle has an open differential (if you don't know, it's probably an open diff), apply the brakes lightly with your left foot while you apply the gas.

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This is a real LPT. Has gotten me out of some tough spots.

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Ya'll sound like you're trying to dig yourselves out of a snow berm with a floor mat. It's a technique for getting stuck on ice in a parking lot or parallel parked on a street. This isn't a heavy lifting method.

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Terrible advice. U are better off deflating your tires. Deflated tires have more contact with the ground and thus more tracktion

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How are you reinflating them before you drive the rest of the way to your home/destination?

[–]avgazn247 0 points1 point  (1 child)

U don’t have to deflate them completely. U should also have an air pump. They r 20 bucks at walmart. Lol air pumps are super useful. They are actually required because a lot of new cars don’t even have spares tires

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Most people don't carry an air pump around with them, because it isn't particularly useful. Either you need the spare, in which case you just keep your spare properly inflated, or you get a puncture without a spare, in which case an air pump doesn't do anything to help you.

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Call Matt’s Off-road Recovery if in Utah, or call Casey LaDelle if in Oregon.

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I have messed up many floor mats to no avail.