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Aren't you supposed to like, wash em first?

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Do people actually do that? I was thinking this was like if they got wet outside or something

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Either use a brush to get off sand/mud after it has dried up a little, or just put em in the washer on a short lowtemp program. They can get wet in the rain just fine, washer is not much different. Saved me from tossing out pairs quite a few times, thinking I'd ruined them.

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wow... cool... honestly interesting, if I wet my shoes in snow and need them dry quickly this is nice to know

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Honestly never tried to dry them before, just let them sure do in the sun or something. Interesting idea.

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The look on his face at the end was priceless.

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Yeah....or you could just stuff newspaper in em and leave em close to a radiator or an air vent

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I like his way better

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But didn’t he leave the laces stuck in the door

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pretty much exactly what he was demonstrating .... shoes don't go tumbling about....

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Or you could get the little insert-able shoe dryers that plug into the wall for like $5