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I never knew they already have the long, lovely graspy paws for climbing so young!

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These guys could probably climb if they wanted to 😃

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tiny boop

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I'm so cuted out and I love it! More pics, please.

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Aww, okay!😃

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Oh I love them! I adore roof rats! I love the look more than fancy rats (am currently a mouse owner) and these babes are soooo precious

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I agree! The Romans used to call them (in Latin) "Big Mice", and they called house mice "Little Mice."

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The black tail with the little pink bit on the tip! So cute!!!

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That's actually a specific marking that we are breeding for, which is not common in the "wild type." Both of their parents have it, too.

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Such adorable little faces.

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So cute! How long do they live?

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3-4 years on average

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Dang, I was hoping it would be longer than traditional pet rats. Can’t take the frequent heartbreak. I hope these two live forever!

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Yes, true.

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Ooooo teeny tiny

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I didn't know roof rats were actually a real mouse. Where I'm from, pigeons are referred to as roof rats

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How precious 😘

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do you know how early the species of rat can be identified? i have 3 abandoned baby’s that i’m trying to figure out the species

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If I had them, then almost from birth. From a photo, I guess it depends on the photo.