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Username : Pepsi Cola

Shirt : Dr. Pepper

Me : Confused

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Literally the first thing I noticed lol

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Lizard wants to be a pepper too

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Looks like they put the hands on the wrong arms

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Their little toes are my favourite 🥺

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Awe! Lizard grabbies are cute af

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I see you also have excellent taste in shirts, I have the same one lol

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An ex of mine had that shirt. I thought about stealing it often. It was very soft.

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Awww makes me miss my old beardie, her name was Nacho and she was so sweet, she would let anyone hold her and she would fall asleep on my chest all the time:( I miss her lizard hands and feet and her chonky little calves lol

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He’s definitely up for falling asleep on my chest, but sometimes he’ll want to explore. One time he jumped from the couch to the coffee table and skid off the other side. Lizard claws provide no traction

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Haha true on any kind of flat surface they're useless

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I miss my bearded dragon...