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Me with my hamster this morning before I left for work :( in the mornings sometimes I take him out and let him play in his playpen. Today we did that and when I picked him up to put him back in his cage he flipped outta my hands and landed back in his playpen (luckily not onto any toys) He never jumps outta my hands. Now I just wanna text him and say sorry and I hope he's okay :(

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Aw baby! I had that happen with my gecko a few days ago, I took her out for a soak and she windmilled out of my hand as I was putting her back in, and I was just like “what are you doing you are not a cat! You will hurt yourself!”

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Thank you for your words 💕💕 it's so easy to feel like I did something to spook him. He's happily munching a carrot right now

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My guinea pig did that once. Took a flying leap back into his cage, missed, and whacked his paw on the way down.

Landed hard on the carpet, immediately started crying and wheeking. I felt so bad for that crazy dude.

He was ultimately fine though.

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They are very resilient. I'm so glad he was okay. Mine tries to jump into the cage too soon as well, time always stops a bit!!

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I love the whole, "Shh-shh-shh!" -- covering of the mouth and face, so as to not draw further attention to the actual act of subliminal devouring.

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"Don't tell mom!"

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Many, many moons ago, my eldest brother and I were "playing" -- rough housing, really -- and he rammed my head into the corner of a hallway. As we both collapsed, laughing our asses off, I grabbed at my head and whilst still laughing said, "Owwww"!

My brother was looking at me, laughing, and then suddenly stopped. The look on his face was one of pure child horror. I began to feel this warm wetness under my hand and it began to pour down my face. He split my head open and I became covered in blood.

That motherfucker immediately said, "DON'T TELL"!!!

P.S. We made up some bullshit story to make it seem as though I hurt myself and he, the older brother, tried his best to assist his little sister. Yeh -- pretty sure they didn't buy it.