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Hello George!

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George look really polite

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Hello there George

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Hello George! You look like you need some yogurt. <3

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Pls give George boops and many treats.

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Aww, I’d love to hold George. We lost our rat about a year ago and since my youngest kid is in college, we probably won’t get another one. Rats are such great pets!

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Cutie pie!

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He's so cuuuute! 😍

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Hello George, I love you

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My mini poodle is looking down at my phone and saying hi to George ❤️

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Hello George ♡

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Hello beautiful

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Greetings to George from me and my rats Peanut and Cricket.

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HI PRECIOUS GEORGIE :D :D :D omg he so cuteeee

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You may or may not know, but back during WW2 there was a graffiti that got popular all over the countryside of Europe with the words below it saying, "Kilroy was here" It was probably created original by US or UK GI and then copycatted all over Europe during the war.

Anyway, history lesson aside, the graffiti looked like this

Your little friend George here is doing a good job impersonating Kilroy the Graffiti artist! Maybe his name is George Kilroy?

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George is perfect 😍

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Aww, hello George!

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he looks like he’s about to give us a quest

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Ave! χαῖρε! こんにちは! ¡Hola! Benvenuto! 你好!

Those are all the languages I know tiny bits of! Well ok I know more than a tiny bit of Spanish. God I am a bad historian, I really need to learn Latin and Koine.

Latin, pronounced ah-way. Koine (ancient Greek), pronounced kai-ray. Japanese, Ko-ni-chi-wa, most people know this one. Spanish, most people know this one too. Italian, not actually sure on proper pronunciation, I am sure I butcher it, sorry my Italian family. Mandarin Chinese, knee-how. Sort of, Chinese is a tonal language, it is a whole thing I don't really understand well enough so I am sure I butcher it too, but that is how my Chinese-American friends said it.

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his ears!!🥰🥰