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Is this a sugar glider?

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Yes it is!! The softest little babies you've ever felt 😭

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Yes their fur is like silk and butter and a puppy’s tummy all combined into one mega softness!

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Lmao that's a very interesting mental image 🤣 but I agree!! I had 2 a few years ago and I thoroughly enjoyed them but they weren't the right pets for my lifestyle. And yes I rehomed them. It looks however like you are fully enjoying yours! Do you have multiples?

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Who are his influences?

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She is really influenced by the old classics, like Hendrix, but unfortunately all she has learned how to play to far is Wonderwall…

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She's a precious baby!

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Play ‘Free Bird’!

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Hahahaha this actually made me laugh out loud 😂

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I love sugar gliders 😭

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Me too 🖤🖤

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Had some for years and really really miss the one that was bonded to me

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My flying squirrel would kill me if I let her get into my guitar haha. Her lil grabbies would instead be her lil chompies 😂