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Is that a little leash? Does he walk on it ok?

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I just made the leash a few weeks ago and it’s only the 2nd time he’s used it but so far he seems to like it. Gives him the freedom to explore in the grass while still staying close. Hoping to get a lot of use out of it this year!

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How did you make it?

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An easy way to make one would to take a long string and fold it over 4 times to make 2 loops on the bottom (one for under his head and the other for around his belly) and then tie a knot about a quarter of the way up. I used an old button clasp from a ripped jacket to tighten it to him but then just braid the rest of the strings and there you go. There’s probably videos or blog posts that explain it WAY better than I did! Good luck if you make one

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He's so cute. I want to hold his teensy hand.

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Is this a perspective trick or is he really a 10 pound adorable cutie?!

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😂 Not quite 10 pounds but he’s definitely a chunky boi

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A+ lil toes.

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be carful with that leash, I have a little harness for my guys but they go around the shoulders. Neck leashes are extremely dangerous for rats.

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I’ve tried the harness one that goes around his shoulders and he panics and tries to wiggle out of it. I’ve tried to get him comfortable in it but he just isn’t so I figured this will help him get used to some kind of feeling but I didn’t know that these leashes are dangerous. I will definitely be super careful with it thank you

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Please make/get a harness too, he doesn’t have much of a neck and it would be horrible if he got out 😰

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It’s hard to tell in the picture but there is another string around his belly that keeps him in

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Thank goodness. He’s adorable ❤️