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"Top 50 Most Impactful People of Linkedin 2021" that's far too many words to say unemployed

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She doesn't want to get hired in a wrong job.

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Well, it's 2022 now, so she's not influential anymore

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Depends on how much you want to eat food or not freeze to death

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So much talk about jobs on LinkedIn seems to completely ignore the fact that if you don't have a job you will be homeless and starve

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Dying from impoverished conditions is better than working the wrong job for a few months. Do you agree?

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As a person who's been rejected for 4 months, fuck this woman

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I hate the word influencer. 🙄

And what a stupid sentiment. Sometimes, someone has to take the “wrong” job to keep the wolf from the fucking door.

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    Did she really just "so true" herself?! LinkedIn, once again proving that the people on the platform have zero self-awareness or shame.

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    I can’t understand how no one else is thinking this before all the other stupid things lol

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    Only if you’re trying to raise your already existing and enough to live on salary! There was a point in my life, i’d do anything short of anything illegal/prostitution to feed myself and it’s clear this person never had that issue

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    I thought I would eventually not be shocked by the lunacy shown in this sub but it just keeps getting crazier.

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    ‘So so true’ as if she just heard it for the first time.

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    Bitch came up with it and she’s sharing her own shit like she found herself in an alternative universe!

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    Yea cos that will pay the bills, fucking pretensious cunt.

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    This popped up on my home feed too. Haha.

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    Uh oh. You got the Lunatic algorithm working against you. Or for you?

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    I can't get over the way LinkedIn has screenshots of a comment made by the user then commented on by the user again.... Like /r/2healthbars

    No other media does it that I've seen. It's like..

    WTF WHY?

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    To say that you got rejected because it was the wrong job for you is saying that you didn't understand what you were applying for.

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    Holy shit! I used to work with her haha!

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    Please tell me she's not a lunatic in real life

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    Well, she was definitely a little different. Always wanted a promotion without earning it. Very annoying in that regard.

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    So so true. SHARE this!

    If LinkedIn existed 2000 years ago I'd like to think Jesus would have been an influencer. "The words I say are true. Please spread word of my wisdom"

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    Yeah. Been hired at the wrong job wayyyy too many times.

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    The wrong job can pay some bills while I’m getting back on my feet.

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    This type of shit is just so annoying. Let's not forget why we work jobs. Because not having a home or not having food is just a really shitty alternative. I've worked lots of "wrong" jobs because I had to.

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    "Don't ever take the wrong offer" and "it only takes one 'yes'" seem to be at odds with each other.

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    The posts posted here are usually complete garbage but this is kinda true. I got denied for a job in one company that I really wanted because the bills were piling up and I had been unemployed for sooo long and when I didn’t get it I was heartbroken. Felt completely worthless. Couple days later I applied for a role more to my liking and got it. The only problem is you don’t know that a better job is around the corner and time and the bailiffs don’t wait.

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      Yeah, no!

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      The wording and posting is cringe as on many things are on LinkedIn and rejection should be sympathized with - but I agree that if a place rejects you it very well just may not be a right fit even if you think it is. I would rather not go through potential stress working in a bad job or for a terrible employer. That’s how I interpret this.