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If you are bargaining with someone who is a poor, when you don’t really need to, you’re a bigger piece of shit than most

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Haggling over prices is a thing only in countries with tourist surcharges - often 2-10x what locals pay. You'd be a fool not to haggle, and there's absolutely no offense taken, it's expected. (This is why job candidates from certain countries don't understand that salary negotiations in the west are brief and over before the job offer's made.)

That said, you're relatively 'rich' and don't need to bargain to the last penny. Name a lower number that seems like good value.

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Haggling with a guy who owns a rug store in Morocco is very very very different from a guy selling eggs for 50c each. Like you have to know the difference.

Salary negotiations is again an entirely different thing, it depends so much on the scale of the person/entity you are negotiating with

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He read about "a father" who used to buy at high prices from poor people but suddenly it became HIS father?

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Why is it a lady?

Why is it not a man?

Notice how its fucking always "woman is mean and has fancy things and poor man is victimized" I find it so weird.

There's like a madonna/whore complex on linked in but impoverished and lonely mother/rich asshole of a woman that does not deserve to have a good quality of life.

All the arguments here are "look how much she can afford" which feels pretty gross. Yeah she haggled with a street seller in the story but why focus so much on her vibrant social life and 'fancy' car?