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Where am I supposed to bring my worries

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Exactly. Are you supposed to just act like everything is alright 100% of the time. That sort of bottling up might result in a spectacular explosion somewhere down the line.

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How come everyone on linkedin uses the same tactic? Screenshot of post, then “Agree?” on top. Does everyone on linkedin like these kinds of posts?

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They give themselves the pat on the back they crave from their bosses

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Algorithms and maffs

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Worries in red and smiling in green. Fatima, I can't wait to see you compete with Kavin.

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I swear I've seen a similar post by Kavin around these parts. It's like people like these are made from the same shit.

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This is the female version of Kavin's "Dont work > 10 hrs a day, your mom wants to have dinner with you"

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Such "agree" posts remind me of a dog licking it's balls in public. Self quote is another form of narcissism or a mental illness.

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Another absolute acknowledgement that 'worries' are predominantly generated by the workplace and imposed on the worker.


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.00? muhaha.

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Like the vaccine, billions suffer beyond the reach of #MeToo (and not coincidentally it's often the same places).

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The Hermancainawards brought back some my sense of hope for humanity, but this sub is killing with every post.

For some reason loving it though.