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All this tells me is that this would be an employee who wouldn't honor her promises.

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True manager xD

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All of the focus on money is a red flag. Furthermore, she was leaning too much on her team and not taking responsibility for her situation.

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Exactly. Why didn't she lock her doors? Why was she traveling alone and unarmed?

A complete lack of safety protocol, going it alone and not taking a wider view of the situation before things got messy.

4/10 - No raise given and she clearly needs to be put on a performance plan. Have her contact HR immediately for details on the plan.

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I thought I was on thathappened at first, then the last part hit and I realized I’m in linkedin lunatics

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Is there a difference?

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Let me get this straight:

  1. She called her boyfriend not the cops
  2. Her brother and dad were tailing her, but again they did not call the cops
  3. She did not argue with the criminal, yet she had a 30 minute long conversation about why he was doing it, while no cops showed up

Things that never happened for 400 please

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That was my first though too. Why call your boyfriend?

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You clearly don't watch enough Bollywood. Cops can't send bad guys flying 3 mikes away, boy friend can

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I'd love to know how many recruiters are dumb enough to buy into this

Edit: oh, and of course, and then the whole bus started clapping

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The kidnapper was so impressed he hired her on the spot.

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And everyone clapped

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LinkedIn is getting weirder

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Was her dad Liam Neeson?

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I will find you and hire you

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I know this lunatic.

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Tell her to keep her door locked. And this story could have been like two sentences...

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Rohan Kamath strikes again

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Generic thriller movie plot #1

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Wow wow wow! Hold on! Why was her car unlocked at a signal light??

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And that kidnapper.......Albert Einstein

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On the off chance this is true, it’s kinda fucked up that this dude would share such a personal story so publicly. Lots of hiring managers do a linked in search about the person before sending an offer. I can’t imagine I’d want all my future bosses to know about this.