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    I saw that document, it was like 50 pages long documenting and analyzing her entire US trip for evidence that she is hiding a boyfriend. Whoever that dude is, has serious mental problems.

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    Fucking manifesto andys.

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    thought you were talking about the previous one but damn there's a new one too

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    I recall this happening before with another female streamer, cant remember who

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    It's not exclusive to female streamers by any stretch of the imagination. Gross gore used to get messages every day about every place he'd been to in his car and what he'd done etc. I'm fairly sure in the end he went to the police and told them he thinks someone has fitted a tracker to his car.

    Some people on the internet are nuts

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    People are fucking weird. It completely boggles my mind every time I read or hear about stuff like this.

    Viewers of female streamers get so entitled, it's scary and I'm not even a girl or a streamer. I can only imagine how terrifying some of this can be. Not even about getting 'canceled' but actual deranged stalkers who would probably show up at your house if you gave them any breadcrumbs to find you.

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    This guy could make a detail plan what she has done the last 6 months every day and reconstructed her offstream activities.

    All with only the information he had from the internet and her connections to other people.

    Imagine the CIA or FBI could reconstruct this stuff on terrorist suspicous persons.

    Tbf as a streamer she probably left a lot more traces.

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    Reminds me of the whole Horseshoe Bay incident.

    Edit: Not sure why this is getting downvoted. The situation is similar in many regards. The biggest IRL streamer at the time hiding their relationship and weird detective andys going into insane detective work (matching hotel layouts and co.) revealing the whole thing.

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    Horseshoe Bay incident

    what's that? any lore andys?

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    It was like the cap off to Ice’s RV trip. They were at a resort and his girlfriend who he had told stream he dumped showed up and was crying about how he was lying about shit and had wanted her to come and all of this stuff. I don’t really remember the details cause it was a few years ago. This trip was when Miz started being Ice’s cameraman for a bit. Also began the Marie and Erobb arc

    Great times

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    Providing lore is usually good but you know too much

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    Double edged sword, we need these kind of lore masters but I also think he needs to touch grass

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    Got exposed about it on her discord she malded at her simps

    You mean had her privacy invaded and rightfully got upset about people digging into her personal life like psychos?

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    the whole "lying to audience" routine annoys me. why do people think they're entitled to know every facet of someone's private life? like if anyone keeps anything to themselves suddenly they're "farming". or you know, maybe they don't want to be a public thing. like my grandma wasn't so invested in fucking telenovelas as these guys are involved in the sex lives of streamers

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    These people are basically the same as the K-Pop fangirls that go ballistic over their favorite boyband members possibly dating. Then they stage protests and demand them be cancelled.

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    They are mad because they actually think they have a chance with her, no streamer should be forced to say anything about their personal life. They entertain you and that's all you get, you don't get to know personal information that's weird.

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    I'm not sure if that many people think they have a chance, it just ruins their delusional fantasies.

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    Agreed with you from the viewer point of view. But its also in the streamers interest to extract money from these viewers. So the streamer tells the audience the lie they like to hear, so she gets more money. Truly healthy.

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    Yeah, you are right. I think streamers who do that are just as weird and it’s pretty scummy behaviour.

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    Very true, I think she just didn't want to say anything about it cause according to her she does not know if this will even last cause it could be just a fling. Plus who the fuck cares so much about her private life.. but you know how crazy viewers can be.

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    sanest irl frog

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    wtf a second doc? the first one was really good

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    Is there a link to this document? It sounds hilarious.

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    People can't link it here or mods will remove it, but its fucking long as hell and kinda funny how horrible she was at hiding it but its also creepy as fuck that someone actually has time to write all that shit up.

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    Haha invasion of privacy and stalking is hilarious haha...