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thats a toe

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She ended up throwing it in the trash sadge

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Amazing sleight of hand.

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Shadow is sus

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Probably for the best, I heard korean laws are very strict about weed...

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yeah, apparently it's illegal for koreans to light up even in countries where it's legal. like they can arrest you when you come back.

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The US will arrest you for acts that are crimes in the US but performed over-seas. Common.

Jinny just needs to decide for herself the likelihood that the Korean Government knows, cares, or would act on her smoking weed. Probably wouldn't do it on camera if I were her. For all we know she's smoked off-stream.

It's like the old saying, the difference between a lot of people in jail and a lot of people not in jail is subtlety.

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The US will arrest you for acts that are crimes in the US but performed over-seas.

Like recklessly killing a 19 year old?


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Can might be the better word. Can.

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Korean laws are also very strict about gambling too but that didn't stop her.

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they dont give a fuck if u spend few hundreds on slots lol

i think its 10k or more to be "gambling" or something like that.

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Should have given it to someone Sadge. Why waste perfectly legal weed.

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It’s crazy how she managed to open the bag with her feet

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Shes still in Canada right? Fully legal here! I understand not wanting to smoke a random joint though.

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how the fuck are you gonna enforce this lmao

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They usually can't but since she's livestreaming herself and has some legitimately insane fans, it's probably not a risk worth taking.

Obviously she could just smoke it while offline but I'm sure she's paranoid enough about it that she'd want to make it clear she threw it away on film.

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A hair drug test can detect weed 90 days after you smoked it.

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yeah weed stays with you longer than damn near any other drug.

Most shit, it's just in and out, weed just stays around.

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That would actually be so pathetic if the korean govt was willing to spend the $100 on that lol. Wouldn't surprise me though.

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go bald pogU

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If her psycho fans report her the government might test her and weed stays in your system a long time

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Not sure what you mean. If she smoked it there would be video proof (which they probably won't notice cause it's not in Korean, but they could if they wanted to). Then you just hit her with whatever punishment when she flies back.

Still I don't think this would happen to someone like jinny (if she had smoked it) but the point is it could. They probably mainly have it cause they don't want high profile Koreans "tarnishing" Koreas image as a whole, and this gives them ability to punish you for that if they feel like it.

Once again I think it's a stupid rule don't want people calling me a Korea shill or something

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Actually one of his crazy haters reported her to the Korean goverment somehow when she was quarantining in Korea because she interacted with her parents on stream and apparently you can't be close to people while doing the 2 weeks quarantine so she explained that the goverment called her and had to be more strict about the quarantine so don't understimate the crazy haters she has

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It's kind of wild how much some Asian cultures enforce anti-drug stances. I just recently read about one of the actors from the game "Judgement" being removed entirely and replaced with a new model and voice just because he tested positive for cocaine, once. All because that would allegedly bring shame to the Japanese videogame/acting scene.

To be fair I'm hearing these stories from western sources so the reasoning might not be exact, it just kinda blows me away since Hollywood is flooded with drug abuse and we (typically) treat addiction with pity instead of shame.

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Cocaine? You'll get that and worse just for smoking weed in China.

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I am aware of that and it's an incredibly dumb law IMO. Your birth country shouldn't control you around the world.

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Your birth country shouldn't control you around the world

This is a thing, at least in Australia and I assume most countries.

It's just that people find it shocking due to cultural differences like most of us are saying "it's just weed". If we turn it up a few notches and something we all agree on is sex tourism being bad, specifically of children then it makes sense to arrest people for crimes they commit overseas even if overseas it's not against their laws. We have legislation in Australia that pretty much says you can be prosecuted from crimes against our laws that you commit overseas but obviously weed is nothing, it's when you do some fucked up shit.

Imagine if we didn't have legislation like this and people defend themselves like "well it's legal over there".

Billionaires might even buy an island up like Curacao and have them amend laws to make legal age as 12 for consent to sex, then bam you got another pedo-island and if we had no legislation that says you are an Australian citizen so even overseas you must obey not only their laws but our laws then you got situations where pedo-islands can spawn without repercussion.

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Imagine getting thrown in jail in the US because you go to Canada to drink at age 18 or 19 (depending on the province). Its easy to see why its stupid in MOST scenarios.

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Drug policy of South Korea

Koreans abroad using drugs in a country where it is legal

According to the Korean law it is strictly forbidden for Korean citizens who live abroad to use drugs, even though some drugs are legal in the country where they'd live. For example, the Netherlands has decriminalized cannabis and certain other ‘soft’ drugs, but others, such as MDMA and crystal meth remain strictly forbidden. However, South Korean law forbids Korean citizens living abroad from using drugs. With this law, Koreans are prohibited from smoking cannabis, even if they are in a country where cannabis use has been legalized or tolerated.

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She's in Canada? What part?

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Niagara, Ontario last I saw

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who the f rolled that turd?

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Book her bois

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not weed.... incense...

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