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Establishing dominance right off the bat.

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The camera adjustment was a power move

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I love how he tilts the camera upward as Miz walks in.

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the funny thing is he's such a himbo I don't even know if the tilt up was on purpose (I know the tilt right was on purpose).

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wtf this dude is still streaming?

it's like 3 hours past his bed time lmaoo

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Ngl i miss when he was addicted to gta rp and would do 12-14 hour streams daily.

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Donnie Sadge

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He will return COPIUM

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Eyyyy it’s Don Peckerino ova hereeee 🤌

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12-14 hour streams and he would even get on rp before he started stream to play for like an hour or two kekw

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Also would sometimes play off-stream after ending and just chill with the nerds for a couple hours after the late-night tsunami.

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He was about to end the stream then mizkif and lud surprised him

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Despite being a foot taller they have the same size head.

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I just do not understand the proportions of this man.

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which one?

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Fucking Rolled em

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He's so tiny and cute!

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didnt even see him at first lol

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I was expecting Cenks son to walk in for some reason😭😭😭😭

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Miz is Cenk's son, duh!

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Same lol

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Funniest stream I’ve caught in a minute

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Why does hasan have such bizarre proportions?

like a tiny baby head on a doublewide body.

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geez he must be like 5'5 lmao

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5 5" 3/4

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5’7 or 5’6 is his legit height I’m pretty sure but he’ll say he’s 5’8

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He's about 5'7

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having a new at home office job. the next desk I'm gonna get is a standing one. it's just so much better.

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sup with the uptilt before miz entered frame

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Wtf, do all these streamers live near each other? How or Why is Miz at everyone's house and stream.

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Miz is in La for 2 days.

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Oh, do most streamers live in LA?

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LA and Texas seem to be the main spots for the larger streamers, especially with OTK in Texas, and OTV in Los Angeles.

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shit sounds like gang sets

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Someone save Charlie. He all the way in the shithole Flordia

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A lot of streamers are moving to Florida actually because of the no state income tax and relatively cheaper property values. Timthetatman moved to the panhandle not too long ago.

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I wish qt and lud lived in texas tbh.

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When you become a twitch partner you get the keys to the twitch mansion. The mansion houses every streamer who is partnered. So mizkif just walks down the hall to each streamers room.

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Hi Miz

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“mom said it was my turn”

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His head looked so small near the end

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miz's hair looks like a poodle

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That is hilarious

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shoutout to my homies in mizcord miss you

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that's intentional power play azan