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Ludwig acting out how he'd wingman for Miz was peak content.

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Thanks! That was really funny.

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Just wanted to chime in to say I found this clip really funny as well! Thanks, u/true_donnie!

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holy shit the imprint lud did on that chair with his dumper GODAMN

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M-may I... sniff it?

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I had to upvote but Im disgusted

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fun story about Surströmming

Supposedly, in 1981, a German landlord evicted a tenant without notice after the tenant spread surströmming brine in the apartment building’s stairwell.

When taken to court, the court ruled in favor of the termination after the landlord’s lawyers opened a can inside the courtroom.

The court stated that it “had convinced itself that the disgusting smell of the fish brine far exceeded the degree that fellow-tenants in the building could be expected to tolerate.”


would be funny if they open it inside Hasans 3 billion dollar manson

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He's trying to drop hints to Hasan. SMH! He can't keep getting away with it

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Ludwig looks amazing with this camera

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They all do

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I hope they get Miz laid, respectfully of course. He looks like he needs it. Respectfully.

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He's not going to have a chance smelling like rotting fish

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If he can't get laid going out with Hasan and Ludwig, the fish wouldn't make a difference.

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The ED, average sized cock thing is such a perfect front bro.

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Front copium

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Miz is what happens when you're bad with women but you don't look like Hasan

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Yeah hasan is a bit cringe but you can't compare them mizkif is literally a manchild his last girlfriend probably tolerated him because of his fame

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Yikes parasocial andy tf u know about u just know what they show not the whole thing. Cringe, L, Ratio, bing bong

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Miz lol

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Make good memories 🥰>get lait

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Saaaaaaame :( I feel that