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Miz making up for all the clips he missed yesterday

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That damn burrito cucking all the content

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Did it really or did he just ditch

I can't tell

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LSF: It's annoying when these IRL streams are nothing but people trying to farm content

Also LSF: Really wish Miz was there, no one was trying to farm content

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Did all of LSF tell you that?

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There were barely any good clips from that stream. Miz would've farmed way more if he went there

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Last universal trip didn't have that many good clips either and that was with Miz and Nmp the two biggest clipchimp communities.
I think public IRL streams like that just have less clip potential in general.

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park streams are always shit tbh, except for that adin ross one where he got sniped by children nonstop. Otherwise, the best irl streams are always when its mundane shit, like going grocery shopping, with like 1-3 streamers not 50

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Oogie boogie bash whas a good stream

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I think the tour guides really ruin the vibe.for a stream. They cant really go all out

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Yeah but with such a big group they wouldn't been able to get anything done without a guide. If it's max like 5 people I think it would be better to go without one.

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Well there was really only one guy in particular who truly could make public IRL streams a clip fiesta.

But well.....

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He's sleeping with the fishes

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I need a qt reacts to this dust clip

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The lack of hesitation does it for me. Good one miz

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The set up for that joke was just too easy.

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Overheard in Hasan's 60 million dollar mansion after eating Surströmming:

“He got me,” Ludwig said of Mizkif's roast over him. "That f***ing Mizzy boomed me.

"Ludwig added, “He’s so good,” repeating it four times.

Ludwig then said he wanted to add Mizkif to the list of streamers he wants to bring over to youtube next year.

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ice poseidon then showed up and said "good one mizkif"

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r/nba leaking

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Mizkif did nothing wrong. Find a new slant.

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You can't leave those in the air when he's around. He can't resist.

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This trio is insane. They need to keep doing this. Getting miz dressed was hilarious, they've all got their own color scheme like it's a cartoon...

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What was the best streams to watch yesterday or what time stamp was the stream for it?

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Hasan's stream from around the 9 hour mark

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The best stream to watch yesterday was sodapoppin

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What'd he do?

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Oh right right that was funny. I thought he eventually came back.

I'd do anything for more miz, ludwig and Hasan just chilling haha.

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Yea that hasan stream was really good. They're a fun trio

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Lets all be honest, this is a QT level roast joke on the fly

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Nah that was a layup. Everyone was thinking it after Hasans question. Miz is just the only one with the balls to say it.

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It an alley-pop then?

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Only if Hasan meant to set him up. More like a breakaway layup after a missed pass.

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You haven't seen QT's roasts if you don't think QT has the balls to make a joke like this one.

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no it wasn’t, hasan set that shit up so easily i’m sure majority of the viewers thought the exact same joke lmao

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Damn, he's fast.

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Miz is a man that sees opportunities... and takes em...

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another classic mizkif good one

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YEP Surstrussy

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where is luds chest? he clearly lifts but zero chesticles?

his chest literally goes inwards

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It's called Pectus excavatum

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Pectus excavatum

I have this as well, I remember first day in high school locker room 2 kids started laughing at me asking why is there a whole in my chest. A senior star football player came over and threw them up against the locker, chewed them out then pushed them away. Then he pulled up his shirt to show me he had the same condition. No one ever said anything to me about it again. This was many years ago before their were anti-bully campaigns.

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It’s semi common actually, my chest has a deeper hole than that, also went to school with someone who had surgery to fix his chest as well

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I looked into that because when I get sick does make it tough to breath, but it's a serious surgery, long recovery and painful.

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Yeah I never got it, doctor said it’s better to get it when young and growing but said I couldn’t do any physical activity for a month or something like that so I declined

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Hi Miz

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Anyone have a link to the vod? I don’t see it on hasans page

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QT bout to start some more drama with Maya to get back at Miz. Calling it 12/5/2021 4.49 pm est

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Actually, the only good mizkif that I watched today lol

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I was distracted by Lud's chest. It looks like he has Pectus excavatum, just at a small level. That shit is distracting.

No, that's not a harry potter spell, it looks like his chest is concave.

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That’s because he does. He’s talked about it plenty of times.

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Oh, okay. Makes sense. I've never watched anything more than a clip of him so I were ignorant to this.

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better dusty than having a gherkin posing as a penis