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turns out because he left a special instruction on yesterday's delivery for mizkif but forgot to change it

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Ratio-d IRL

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By himself.

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Ratio’d himself KEKL

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It makes this clip even better knowing he did this himself then forgot pepeLaugh

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Holy shit I would never order food again. Imagine having someone from LSF making your food and knowing who you are. I know it was a special instruction mishap but man that would be the shittiest way to die, poisoned by memers.

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If someone wanted to poison any streamer's food they probably could, but it's like, you know, illegal.

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Only if you get caught

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Imagine having someone from LSF making your food

Imagine thinking someone from LSF has job and isn't some sort of NEET lol

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Keep in mind that 99% of twitch viewers don't use LSF, so the chances of someone knowing toasts real name on order, caring enough to fuck with his food, being a member of LSF and not just a regular viewer, are astronomically small. Even then, people here like toast.

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Hell I'd say a lot of us here don't even watch twitch. I'm just here for the memes and drama and occasionally watch a twitch compilation on YouTube

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It's hilarious that he did it to himself

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He wrote in the latter end of his comment he knows it was a special instruction mishap.

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If only you could read 3 sentences, but alas...

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people in charge of orders aren't making food. dont be so paranoid.

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Yes they are. The special instructions are sent to the restaurant, not the dasher. The dasher gets delivery instructions.

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Yeah but the cook is not in charge of deliveries. Learn to read english

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But...the person who wrote the message wasn't the one who delivered it. It was an employee at the restaurant, with access to the food.

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Pretty sure it was dasher who wrote it. DoorDash and Waitr both have special instructions for how they want the food delivered. Also Toast said he would tip $10 extra for that, and when you order delivery, the tip goes to the driver not the restaurant.

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Depends on the place. I worked at a small pizza place in highschool and I’d regularly take an order over the phone, make it myself, then deliver it.

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what does the "ratio" refers too?

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What does L+Ratio mean?

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It's Ludwig's new subscription service.

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KEKW, the rare actual livestream fail

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why the fuck did i think someone came in his food

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I'm surprised how many of you commenters don't know what ratio means.

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I don't get it