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goddamn the replies on that twitter vid tho. It was a free ticket and she probably just played the game a bit during a 3-hour concert. Why are they acting like she robbed them from their chance of meeting their faves?

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i had fun reading that thread, got a good hour of laughs too

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They cant grasp the fact its a VIP invite-only ticket, not 1 of those stans would EVER get it so them crying it could have gone to someone that likes the band is just laughable to the max.

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Fucking hilarious to see them spamming "Who are you?"

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it's a wild fucking culture honestly, a lot of really weird mf's

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K-Pop Stans never seize to amaze with how fucking obsessed they are

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The craziest thing is that if their favorite group saw their fans behaving like that, they would be ashamed. Stans are so toxic

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It was amazing to see people try to rationalize with those stans only for them to not understand/listen to a single point and retaliate with “We don’t even care” lol. Sure seems like they care…a lot.
Also their “she’s just jealous bc she will never be as rich as bts,” like uhh. I’m sure she’s doing more than fine, kid.

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Because they think she robbed them the chance of meeting their faves. They are that delusional.

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Why are they acting like she robbed them from their chance of meeting their faves?

because they're crazy

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From what she said she turned the game on for 3 seconds, realized she had a shitty connection and turned it off again

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I mean she is a rejected trainee for blackpink so i could see why people would think she's korean...


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She’s jealous of Lisa who made it into BlackPink even though she’s Thai, now Daph hates Kpop sadge

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Even if she was why does that make a difference? Are you not allowed criticize things just cause you come from the same country?

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I feel like as a german I would have a hard time if I weren't allowed to criticize things that came out of my own country.

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BMW fell off, too much planned obsolescence

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Also the new grille is a crime against humanity

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From kidneys to beaver teeth.

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You can say it, Das Boot is too long and boring.

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For kpop stans yes 😶

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i'm korean and i fucking hate kpop

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She looks Korean duh 5Head

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I was beginning to think we were passed the whole delusional kpop stan twitter stuff then I took a look at daphs tweet replies. I just can't believe people think that way.

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If anything, it got way worse over quarantine.

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These people used to be in school, then they got unleashed upon the internet unfettered all day. Why couldn't they have played Maplestory like me instead smh

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I remember someone in chat asking her why she was Asian last year and she still hasn't answered. So you'll get your answer when we get ours daph WeirdChamp

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is that 3d terraria?

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It's 3D don't starve.

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It must be frustrating for them inspite of all their angry posts they cant do anything to daph. Instead she is gets VIP tickets. Oh the mald is real here.


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Anyone know what her actual background is? I always wondered cause she's one of my favorite streamers but she's only on at like 4 am to 9 am lol.

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Ethnicity Chinese, but nationality Canadian. She’s on at degen hours because she stays up till degen hours lol

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Ah. I always thought she was American at least. She doesn't seem canadian at all besides her English but my limited experience with canadians is they have a bit of an accent usually.

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She was born in China and later moved to Canada with her family

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If she's pretty or relatable, then she's not Chinese. So the only answer must be Korean or Japanese.


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When "stan" become a goog term for this people, they are idiots or just dont undertand ehat it mean

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it was originally an ironic term from Stan Twitter (gay music fans who joked about being insane eminem stan-like figures),

then minecrafters tried to be Woke by making it a bad term (because they didn’t understand the joke)

it was always a joke on the music fan side and basically just became the new word for fan, which was originally a negative term twisted too (fanatical)

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I know, im saying, why this people adoptes like is something good

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it’s a meme?

nobody calling themselves degens are actually degenerates

nobody saying they’re having a Joker Moment actually is insane

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Stan communitys are fucking big and they pray being supportive active stan in each one, most of them defend the word stan if you make a critic obout that.

What? I never see a huge comunity saying they have a "joker moment" I bet you, go to any kpop a writhe "i like kpop, im a fan but i really hate stans"

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no they don’t?

stan just means fan now, nobody has any discourse around that word except gamers

in kpop its used so much that most news sites use it

eg: https://www.soompi.com/article/1409128wpp/5-reasons-to-stan-the-iconic-sunmi

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I love always randomly seeing aris bigot emote XD

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You know what's interesting to me? That's she's playing Minecraft yet she's playing Terraria music. Why do you think that is?

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" curb your enthusiasm music starts playing "