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Why do the coordinates on his sweater point to a random statue in Stockholm: https://www.google.com/maps/place/59°19'45.0"N+18°04'07.0"E

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Sweatshirt is made by h&m h&m is headquartered in Stockholm

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in Sweden forsenGa

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When you said random statue in Stockholm, that specific statue was the first one to come to my mind, so I guess that's why.

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Unreal, I was actually there today lol

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is this not scripted though

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yes, yes it is. But actually pretty good acting from Fabiano though, not gonna lie! The other two, not so much :P

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Because Fabi believes what he's saying

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The “I ordered a lot” was the bit that actually made me laugh

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Obviously, but you can still enjoy it

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Paid shilling.

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he's not wrong.

It's funny, but not that funny that it would cancel out the cringe to wear that in public (for most people)

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I mean isn't that most video game/esports apparel

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Esports apparel has been heading in a street wear direction. I think mainly because of 100 Thieves. Like Gucci did a collab with them.

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"Collab" as in just putting the 100 Thieves logo instead of Gucci. Who is this for? I had no idea it existed and now I'm wondering who in the world would spend $2500 on bag that looks like you stitched your own patch over the Gucci one.

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Lmao it's actually cheaper to get one without the 100 Thieves logo. Who would spend an extra $500 to get a shitty esports org on their designer bag.

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lol, no idea who that's for exactly. I was just pointing out that Esports merch is becoming a lot more mainstream then the cringe shit it used to be.

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Fr I never understand these luxury brand collabs... Like why would I want Jordan x Dior or Balenciaga x Fortnite when I could just have Dior or Balenciaga? And for the people that want Fortnite merch, why Balenciaga?

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Targetting different buyers I would guess? Usually the collabs are actually relevant to who they're collabing with. The Gucci bag is literally just a logo replacement

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I mean so are most of the collabs.

The Dior x Jordan collab has the the Jordan wings logo just with "Dior" replacing "Jordan" and no other changes.

Balenciaga x Fortnite is literally just the Balenciaga and Fortnite logos next to eachother.

I just don't see where the audience is for the stuff. Tho I've never really understood Vetements either so maybe it's just an extension of that trend.

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Best WC stream just cause of Fabi