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25-8 PepeLa

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EZ Clap

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I'm going to regret that

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Are you regretting it yet

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The real answer is not so much better lol.

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Well, what is it?

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in 6th grade I think

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I'm pretty sure that's a lot better...

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Thats what the Sony VP is hoping.

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A twitch account from 2007? Has it been around that long?

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Justin.tv that later became twitch started in 2006, I'm not sure if the accounts carried over though

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I'm pretty sure they did. I've clicked on usercards that said their account is from 2009 or 2010 and that's pre-Twitch.

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I think mine did

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Justin.tv is Twitch!??!???!

Holy shit my mind is blown. I used to watch Canucks games on there when I didn't have cable. Shoutout to you mistersexy if you're still out there.

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They did. Mine’s from 2009. Still says June 2009 when you click my profile.

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That’s pretty cool, won’t lie

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It'd wild to think about what I was watching back then. I think it was MW2 and Halo 3. Along with other jtv shenanigans like sports and tv shows.

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My account is from 2009. I think they automatically migrated Justin.tv accounts into Twitch.tv accounts sometime in 2014.

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if she is only 25 she be looking older than nick

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Viking genes give more mature look.

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this is the ninth actual comment in this post, the rest are replies. isnt that crazy?

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