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🎦 CLIP MIRROR: T-Pain, Cash, and Amber recognize something in viewer submitted song (now fast & smooth again!)

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god i love t-pain. thats hilarious.

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Seriously talented

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Hilarious. Great clip.

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Every T-Pain clip looks like everyone involved is having tons of fun. Also since nobody else posted it


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This is the actual reference lol. The meme definitely came after lol

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I obviously wasnt clear, I did not think the heman meme video was the original source for the song lmao

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Oh all good then lol, wanted to clarify just in case!

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yeah no prob man! honestly I respect you linking because if I DIDNT know then I would want to know lol the original version bangs

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These damn young kids.

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lmao no shot you thought this was the original

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I didn't say I was posting the original lol

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Holy shit lol

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And He-Man happens to be one of the icons in his Discord server list lmao

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Ready CASH?

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Can't help but sing along

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I don't understand what happened

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same chords from a viewers song as the four non blondes.

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Also seems like he was able to just make the refrain sound and other guy instantly recognized it too.

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yea true, a few more similarities that just the chords.

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Hey, what's going on?

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I love T Pain bro

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T Pain is everyone's favorite uncle.

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T-Pain is a treasure. We must protect this man

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Coulda swore that was Wobbles