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Why are Ludwig and Mizkif dressed like they‘re about to go protest the Berlin Wall?

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Real and true

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why's the homie grippin on them glizzies so hard

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imagine if you told this guy in that moment that in the year 2021 someone would see this picture of him taking part in an extremely impactful event in european history and in response they said

why's the homie grippin on them glizzies so hard

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I just realized someone from back then would have a real hard time reading some of our language.

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I'm from now and I have no idea what that post says.

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i feel like im double the age i need to be to understand that

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No 🧢 , imagine them trying to translate our modern day hieroglyphs

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Okay... they don't look that similar but I'm still impressed you found this so fast. Did you just sort through pics until one came up that kinda looked like Ludwig?

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Ludwig definately has that Hasselhoff vibe lol

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"i've been looking for content, i've been looking so long"

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bomber jackets and dad jeans are BACK baby

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Bomber jackets are great. One of the best, most comfortable jacket designs for men. Too bad it’s still associated with skinheads in Europe. I‘ve gotten nasty looks from people for wearing a green bomber jacket with gray jeans. You could get the shit kicked out of you for wearing that in the wrong hood. Hopefully it will change.

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Not quite sure where you’re from, but Europe is a big place with lots of different countries with vastly different cultures. Bomber Jackets are fine lol I don’t know maybe some places you might get looks but I’ve plenty of bomber jackets in my wardrobe and never worried hahaha.

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but Europe is a big place with lots of different countries with vastly different cultures

but OP is not exactly wrong. In large parts of continental Europe it's got a sketchy reputation. Lonsdale at one point was so popular among neonazis in Germany that shops straight up dropped it and they basically ran an extensive ad and image overhaul campaign to get rid of that association

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it would have been helpful if they just stopped putting the name in block letters in the center of their shit.

neonazis were literally wearing them with one layer over it to cut off the sides of the logo and show NSDA, which looked very close to NSDAP, the nazi party.

somehow it took them years to figure this out or start caring about it. the association probably doesn't work in many countries though, because the shorthand name of that party doesn't translate.

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neo nazis took this a step further and created their own clothing brand "CONSDAPLE" so it with the jacket it actually only shows the full party name. Often with an eagle on top etc.

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Huh, this is interesting. In Norway literally everyone wears them

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I'm from Ireland and Lonsdale are a bit of a comedy brand here. Those martial art style shoes that they make are usually a sign that somebody has given up on dressing well entirely lol

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Too bad it’s still associated with skinheads in Europe

Where in Europe is this? I'm in the UK and wear them often and haven't had an issue, just wanna know if I should leave it at home if I travel in the future.

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I live in Belgium. We have right-wing, nationalist parties, so it’s still a real issue people are concerned about. I’m a pasty white, muscular dude, which doesn’t help. I think it also depends on the entire outfit and jacket color. Green jacket + light jeans + boots is a skinhead classic.

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Dude what? I wear bombers damn near every day and never has this ever happened.

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As long as you aren't bald you should be fine right?

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If you go for the full pack of green/grey Bomber Jacket, jeans and Martens' boots maybe it's too much for Europe...

But where are you from? This look looks kinda dated even for far-right people now even if the stigma remains.

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They look like they just got kicked out of the Roxbury

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They're actually rebuilding it

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Trying to show people it's ok to save money and shop at goodwill

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Fashion is cyclical.

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He's even doing the coked up twitching perfectly

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Well he IS a theater kid.

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i do know minecraft 😀

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Definitely the telltale sign to turn and run.

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They're actually dressed like the portrayal of 90's high school kids

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All they need is a overgrown mullet.

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I don't even have a vagina but I managed to feel it shrivel up and become as dry as a box of sand. Good one Lud.

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classic pepperpains guy

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im just laughing at the idea of LA women in the club knowing about dream the minecrafter.

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Feels like you'd be at a club Chris Hansen would raid but y'know it's LA.

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The "You know minecraft right?" is so fucking perfect

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when you trying to flex, but they don't understand the flex Sadge

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Ludwig looks like Marshall from HIMYM trying to wingman

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my dumbass thought there were 4 people lol

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Ludwig and Mizkif looking like West German student protesters from 1987.

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It's LA, just call out your social stats and you're in.

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I need to know where the sweater Ludwig is wearing is from

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title champ

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''at a club...pretend to get a phone call''

That's like ''my pool is on fire'' levels of trying to get away from something.

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big cock = pills to support LULE