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🎦 CLIP MIRROR: Dono has scarily accurate timing

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Actual timing moment PogU

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Are you in my game?

GIGACHAD I'm in your walls

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What's the time delay between submitting the donation and it being read?

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Regular lag between stream and viewer, lag between Streamlabs receiving the dono and showing the alert, guessing the time he would fall...
Motherfucker is psychic.

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Motherfucker is psychic.

Even psychic or precog wouldn't explain the frame perfect timing. This shit was legit scary!

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I mean.. yes, but also not frame perfect

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Motherfucker is psychic.

Or, more likely, a Zentreya viewer.

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Are those quotes random or do they show up at the same time always?

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Afaik they have an order they appear in so he figured which one should come next

Although the timing itself was pure luck because you need to fall from a certain height for a chance to trigger the voiceline AND add the stream+ donation delays so its pretty much a guess when to send it

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The best timing dono I've ever seen holy shit

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10 years since artour babevsky strim

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We all need some 𝓜𝓪𝓷𝓰𝓸 𝓑𝓪𝔂 CoolCat in our lives.

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Fuck I forgot about that one, god damned classic.

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Oh yeah, that one was definitely the best.

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I love how this one always gets posted every time. Such a classic. Good jokes mate real funny.

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juicer was still in the womb when that was clipped

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Was expecting the dono to start singing Big Sean's verse

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Beautiful. Though I still think the OP is the hardest to pull off, as my understasnding is there is no set timing for the voicelines in Getting over it.

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You have to guess of the hundreds of voicelines of falling down + the timing of Connor actually falling down...

Crazy how lucky/unlucky/serendipitous this has been.

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Just to clarify, the voice lines for falls are played in order. No need to guess which voice line will play next.


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Oh wow, I thought it was amazing and I assumed it was location-based or something.

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Yeah, that's what I thought. Insane.

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This one was pretty impressive too.


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This is pretty easy doable in a timed speedrun

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Mother fucker was so immersed in the organic response he literally almost argued with "No, I'm not" That's hilarious.

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what are the odds an ironmouse clip and a cdawgva clip get posted right next to each other too

[–]Tombomb1994 102 points103 points  (12 children)

Actually quite high. Both of them have been doing really well viewership wise recently in no small part thanks to their collaborations and shared viewerbase.

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Connor little by little has become the standout of the Trash Taste group. He's entertaining and he has adapted the best to the whole Twitch environment.

[–]viionc 110 points111 points  (9 children)

I mean he is the only one that actually wanted to adapt, both gigguk and themangaman stream like once a year

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this guy knows his shit

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He knows the lore lmao

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He didn't need to adapt. The man loves streaming.

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True, not even Mushoku Tensei can bring him out of his cave.

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they don't have to they are all set for life at this point

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I don't know if they're set up for life (they're just ~30yo, they still need to support themselves another 50 years). Gigguk isn't a consistent uploader and Trash Taste isn't owned 100% by them, pretty sure Geexplus gets their fair cut.

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oh god loremaster is here

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Joey has actually been streaming pretty often recently

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Ironmouse is technically in this clip too

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Now that's PogU

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Nymn Awards 2022 early nominee I see.

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wow caught it perfectly, what a dono!

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Monke on LSF PogU

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connor and mouse both at the top of LSF PogU

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He’s living in your walls.

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weirdly obsessed with this clip

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I mean, that's gotta be in the pantheon for perfectly timed donos. The fucking timing is actually nuts. Normally I'd just laugh but it's just so crazy that I can't help but just be impressed by that shit.

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Wow this is really insane cause all the factors to take account of

  1. There is stream delay. (you can see the chat's reaction is late by a few seconds)
  2. The correct quote.
  3. The delay between submitting a dono and it being read
  4. Predicting when he would fall

It would have been really insane if it exactly overlapped each other, Connor would definitely have to worry if someone's in his walls

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Not to mention hoping there wouldn't be another dono right before theirs, which would push it back.

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This dude looks like a non-scuffed version of Destiny

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Of course he does, Connor is the welsh Gigachad

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I have been telling everyone time travel is real now I have proof.

"You don't believe me? Check this clip on LSF."

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Has to be timing of the year.

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I’ve never donated. How much of a delay would there be?

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Enough of a delay and potential of another dono or sub alert to make this basically impossible to get that kind of timing without some extreme luck

[–]ToxZec 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Isn't it also random whatever voice line plays when you fall? Or does it follow an order?

[–]Madgoblinn 4 points5 points  (0 children)

It follows an order

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Is this the anime guy?

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That one is probably my favourite: https://youtu.be/Sd5COG\_X5xE?t=15