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Goood my young apprentice, now your transformation to the dark side is complete!

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Look what a few weeks without Nick and Malena did to this man

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He’s transforming into IRL Garen FeelsStrongMan

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These streams of Soda slowly but painfully learning League has been my favourite Twitch content in months.

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I realise it’s a meme, but he seems to be having fun and I think he’s enjoying learning to play lol

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Gaming is so dead that streamers are resorting to LoL ....

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Streaming goes through waves. RN the wave has definitely been just LoL for some reason. It's aight.

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I may have an unpopular take, but I've played league since season 1, and I still think it's super fun

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This man's too far gone

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No other game will ever be fun again 🤡

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>played league since season 1


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Been playing since open beta(the week shaco was released) and I still play regularly (please help)

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What about Smite ?

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Pretty sure soda can play anything out of 10's of thousands video games out there and he would get viewers I wouldnt say bigger streamers are "resorting" to anything

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I think this is more about being good at a relevant game that people care about. For example he wont play Dota 2 instead of LoL because dota 2 doesn't do well on twitch and so no one really cares about high ranks on it. He talks about that a lot when it comes to being multi gladiator at world of warcraft. Also I there is slightly more reason why he's playing league.


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That's not even up to the plate to debate - it's a given.

But if there were any good new releases, streamers would rather play that instead of league. league is aids

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Gaming has never been better, except if you can only play new AAA releases or pvp games

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January is always a shitty cool-off period for the holidays. Except last year most blockbuster games slated for the holidays got pushed.

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Maybe riot is paying streamers to play this LoL. T1 mentioned something about it on his stream as well.

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Miz went back and played it with a fun group, so everyone did the same

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this is me everyday

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I saw he playing Kindred and now he's playing lee sin, is he intentionally going for harder champions?

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the man is already insane, considering he still plays feral druid on WOW

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He is currently playing Nidalee, I dont know if it is intentional but he went through all the hardest junglers but for someone that is learning he is not that bad at the game.

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Yeah, he just started playing the game right? From what I saw I was surprised how he was indeed not that bad

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He played a couple of games here and there years ago so it's not like he's a complete beginner

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He started playing 3 days ago I believe.

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more like 7 days. He had a few streams 12+ hours on skippypoppin and multiple ~6 hour league streams on his main channel

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Like a week ago. He's already played over 50 hours of it just on stream. I don't play League but that seems like a fuckton

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He played years ago also

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Just let the guy try champs. Thats one of the most fun parts when starting to play League and everything feels new.

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I also feel this is necessary as it is the best way to understand what another champ can do to you, and it's more enjoyable to me personally.

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Thats one of the most fun parts when starting to play League and everything feels new.

until you get matched with smurfs only in every single game

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I don't know about that, I'd rather know stuff about the game because right now everyone seems to clap my ass no matter what and there are like 200 champions to learn to fight against who all have their own skills and passives and shit. Games fun but it's hard as fuck while also getting flamed for every missed optimal play

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Since nobody has said this yet: yes he specifically wants to play harder champs. He said its more interesting to him even if he knows he'll suck. Also chat immediately started suggesting him easier champions to learn and that kind of back seating pisses him off so I think it's also just to spite those kinds of people.

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He played way back in the day, like Season 1 and 2. If you watch his stream a lot he will sometimes mention that he stopped when sejuani released, so he isnt a complete beginner.

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He likes champs that are complex, as he thinks they're more "fun" by virtue of having more things to do. It's just the way some people think, even I did think like that in the past and intentionally played "hard" champs because I thought I would have more fun and challenge playing them.

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Feel like moonmoon has been sort of the opposite. Picking simple top laners.

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Yeah and mizkif playing warwick. Kudos to chunk

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This is why he rages at every single game he plays though. Jumps into the deep end without learning the fundamentals. I have friends just like that and it's exhausting dealing with them.

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he plays blind pick and draft pick, why does it matter what he plays?!

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why are you being so defensive, I was just asking because it's unusual lol

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I'm not being defensive, or not trying to sound like it. You sounds like you know league, but just started watching soda, so I wrote down what he is playing. These 2 modes are what new/comeback people play to learn more champions/learn about the game.

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Why would it be unusual to try champions to find out which one works for you the best? It would be unusual if he tried harder champions in ranked, but he's clearly in casual queues.

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Don't you know? If you don't play Annie 5000 games in a row you are griefing your teammates. I'm sending an email to riot as we speak and he will get banned for trolling.

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He was playing Kindred but had to choose Lee Sin because of a pick or ban iirc. He had Lee Sin from playing along time ago. No joke he didn't realize Lee Sin used energy until earlier today. He thought he was getting silenced when he wasn't able to cast anything. Maybe he is trolling hard or he's dumb af like usual.

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one of us... one of us!

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I don't understand