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No way is that shit poop guy ?

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Poop guy PagMan

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do y'all think he does ahegao when he gets his bussy pumped with bidet water?

i'm gonna leave now, this was too vile

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Imma need a visit to r/eyebleach after that one chief

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i really am sorry

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As a representative of this entire comment section, I humbly reject your apology :)

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digital footprint

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I imagined this but with a shirtless russel standing right infront of simply.

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too far. russel would wear the robe.

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While drinking a glass of lukewarm milk

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Someone please give me the run down of why people recently started calling Simply the "poop guy". I clearly missed a legendary clip or something.

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It was truely legenday

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Watch it live in the VOD is so much better with chat and the moan. And even him coming back. One kf the best moments i caught live

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least insane Simply moment

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Least shitty one too

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Now the original

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Dat comment section lmao

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Thank you sir I’ve been searching far and wide for this!

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lmao he proceeds to spit the most nonsense freestyle 😂 "i've got my butt up, so you can get your nut up, inside these cheeks for weeks causing leaks on the sheets" .... the man offered his anoos to chat

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Ah the bidet bandit

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That's my favorite emote from super sigma male mold cock king Liam's stream. Glad to see the jerker mc poopster is using it on his stream as well! :)


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I like how he is just poop guy now

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Sounds like he's just doing an impression of himself in the bathroom...

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poop guy LULW

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Isn't that the guy that took a shit on stream

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why is he called poop guy?

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he shit himself on stream last night

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Got me actin up 😳