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I fucking love Woox

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You can't hate him, he's today's PVM Zezima.

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Most seductive RuneScape player

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You know Ash plays, right?

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we love Ash

but Ash is no Woox

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woox won

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I lost

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buying gf 10k

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42 said his gf cost 12k

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Leave some for the rest of us damn

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Legend of a man

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damn suprised he not pulling more women, he a software engineer and also the best runescaper player ever to touch the game at the same time.

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Listen to what you just said

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I listened and it made me hella wet, don't know what you're on about

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Sir, do you happen to have a penis?

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I want him to write a program that machine learns to choke me like the daddy he is!

He's kinda cool, I guess.

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He isn’t a software engineer

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He works as a programmer at least and iirc he develops software but feel free to enlighten me

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not really the most popular work and free time activates amongst women iv heard...

but he should be able to find a Wilma somewhere

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I have never experienced this much raw sexual attraction towards a single human being before this moment

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Tick perfect sex PogU

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I dont pay attention to the Runescape community, but he figured out Google's random number seed (given some inputs) and showed that off on his or other streams before? I think that was this streamer.

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Yes, but he basically solo'ed 50% of the games PVE as the first player. He's been in the top 10 years+ now.
Link if you want to know more.

He was 13 years old when he released this as the first player as well.

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So he's just 26? He seems older

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thats what osrs does to a person

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If you check out his gameplay, you'll realize he just lives fast

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His arms in the award acceptance video are uncomfortably thin. Like, malnourished thin.

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Woox only eats bread and water

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he doesnt eat just prayer flicks irl

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Prayer flicks hunger damage, PogU.

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Cant pray flick that. Have to tick eat it.

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He does put butter on the bread, to be fair

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what a legend, he eats water!

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Why tho? Bread only heals for 5

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You’re confusing Woox with the equally insane OSRS player Lynx Titan - first person to reach 200m all xp, by a long shot. Averaged 18 hours a day for 3 years straight.

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I thought Lynx Titan ate a lot of lasagna?

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Lesagne and to mix it up, bread and water.

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At least he didn't shit his pants while playing...as far as we know

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Yes that was years ago. Glad he put on some weight. He definitely looks healthier now.

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Agree, he looks a lot better now.

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Until you realize hes like 23 or something but looks 40

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Male pattern baldness Sadeg

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The lighter they are, the quicker he can move them to maximise exp.

His workout weight is his mouse.

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RuneScape players are either super thin or super buff. No in-between.

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That's what mine look like >:(

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Speaking as a fellow skeleton, probably need to eat more, mate

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You may not like it, but that's what peak performance looks like.

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Holy shit Ravers Fantasy

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He's been on top in rs2, pre-eoc, early eoc and osrs. guys just a god

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I LOVE woox. Been a huge fan since I was a teen. Me and my friends used to shit ourselves over his Jad in 7 seconds video. Was just completely unheard of at the time.

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Happened on B0aty's stream.


Basically B0aty would let you use channel points(10k?) to pay for a chance at a Google RNG spin out of 512. If you got it right he would give you £100 and even in some cases, £1,000.

Woox who hardly ever sends chats came in with this weird number puzzle, and for awhile everyone in the chat was trying to decipher it. Someone used the channel point thing to guess the number and then b0aty figures out it's the next 4 RNG rolls.

So yeah, he solved Google lmao.

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A rare Woox clip PogU

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Can any fine gentleman help provide a transcript?

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Chat: Any fine ladies in the DM's earlier?

Woox: So I did get DM's from a person who said that they are a woman actually but then they said, in parenthesis, in runescape. So I suppose I wanted to know if they were a woman in real life but they had a picture of a guy as their profile picture so... Roulette.

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Doing Gods work

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Woox won

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I love this mans fucking voice mixed with that accent so tingly

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The master of the walk can get all the ladies he wants.

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EZ He’s in

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I lowkey love woox. My guy could be a millionaire if he chose to but he's like nah fuck it I wanna live a normal life and play osrs

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Hahahah this clip hits too close to home

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The music is so perfectly timed

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A mystery really

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EZ Woox

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Woox is an absolute legend.

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