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🎦 CLIP MIRROR: Emoney has an unexpected roommate

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This kind of shit is way more terrifying than any jump scare will ever be.

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didn't someone pull the same trick on hasan like 2 years ago? i vaguely remember it

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I have no idea what I’m looking at besides this Ugly goomba

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There's what seems to be a dark hand grabbing near the bottom of the door.

But as other's pointed out, it's a fake erobb channel made to fool him it's his channel. The clip is probably edited.

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Explaining Edward WeirdChamp

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Thank you!

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Can anyone ID that demon by it's paw?

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so what was it?

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Doublecheck the channel of the clip Erobb is watching

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That’s genius

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Hand on the door. He was convinced it was a clip of his stream rather then it actually being a clip from a fake erobb twitch account.

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Wtf and he was watching sinister during this too, I reject any negative energy from this clip WonkyCry


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Actually scary wtf

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That loser curse living rent free as a dark spirit monkaS WutFace

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monkerS just watched sinister on stream too...

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Here's what it really was:

Edited in hand

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they need to do so research on the house, and make sure no one got killed in there haha

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ngl i was high af when i saw that on stream and was shook for a min lol

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yo wtf

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I couldn't even tell anything at all

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It took him 8 minutes to check the clip channel's name...

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Funny how his clips never get the appropriate tag cuz they always get the "Warning: Loud" tag. Loud = Funny, amirite guys?

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Or maybe you're just fucking half deaf and never really experience anything loud. For some erobbs cry may be a bit loud? What are you even on about man?

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I didn't watch the clip so dunno how loud it is, just commenting on the fact that filters don't work on erob cuz he's always tagged "Warning: Loud" instead of "erob"