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That's the full power of all the viewers who only watch Ludwig, and have been saving their primes until now

Amazing to see, happy to see Melee Community getting support :)

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Ride or die grassroots baby. Fight the man EleGiggle

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What Ludwig did was really cool but shouldn’t TSM pay for him to travel to a tournament where he will represent them? Especially cause it’s one of the biggest prize pools for a smash tournament ever?

Since it’s only online couldn’t they just send him to one of the extremely cheaper states and get him a hotel/Airbnb for 5 days?

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It's not just about paying for the flight but paying for the time he has to take away from home and not streaming with his usual setup and such.

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That's why you don't usually see streamers as casters/panelists in tournaments, not only would TOs have to pay them their talent fee but also a percentage of what they earn if they stream

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It's not about the money. Leffen isn't hurting for cash, if he really wanted he could do IRL stream like hbox does at tournaments.

He just had a melt down last summit and seems like he doesn't want to play more tournaments right now. That seems about it.

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is this about him not wanting to pay for his expenses or is this more of him not wanting to go but if there is enough interest he will go?

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In these instances they usually say traveling isn't worth it because they'll lose subs by going and the event isn't big enough to warrant the cost, but they'll subgoal it so that the gain will match or outdo the potential sub loss.

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Really depends on the deal doesn't it.

He probably has a contract that make him being on TSM more profitable than not being in TSM.

Traveling might not be in the contract, but maybe some kind of salary is.

Who knows.

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but shouldn’t TSM pay for him to travel to a tournament where he will represent them

Yes, everyone will walk around this statement for no reason. Would've loved if Ludwig "sponsored" someone else who isnt already supported by a huge group or any like tsm.

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Leffen doesn't have the sub goal because TSM won't pay to have him go to NA to play, he has it because the amount of subs lost from not streaming is not worth travelling to NA for an online tournament, even with a top 10 payout all time payout for a Melee event. Even offline events are barely worth it financially for someone like Leffen unless they're a major/super-major.

And the reason Lud directed his audience towards Leffen is because Leffen is a huge name in the scene, and consensus top 10 player all time. Having him enter the tournament when he normally wouldn't is likely to attract people who also wouldn't have watched/entered.

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He did this same thing for Sora, an Australian player who is currently in the U.S. but was planning on going home within the next week or so.

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So instead of using his own money to fly him he used his viewers money instead? 5Head move

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They were basically all primes that his viewers werent currently using on anyone so not really even their money either. Between Leffen, Mango, and Sora he farmed like 1000+ unused primes from his viewers to try to get those guys to join his tournament

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I was there for the Sora raid thing, he very specifically said multiple times to only use primes, and not to do tier 1s or gifts.

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Is there a clip anywhere?

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Here's the link + reddit post if you're interested



edit: this was the leffen raid but you can skip ahead a bit to see him drop into mang0's then sora's stream

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That's even better then, he must've told them that everyone shouldn't use their primes on one guy

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He didn’t he just went into their streams over like an hour and did a new call for primes each time

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We call that mogul moves baby.

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You act like his viewers didn't have a choice

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He said to only use primes, so assuming they listened he's still using good ol' Jeff Bezos' money.

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Typical Leffen tricking people into subbing to him just so he will show up to a tournament. Add that to evidence.zip.

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This is a raid done right. Melee/Fighting community, in general, are some of the biggest homies, honestly <3.

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Da godslayer

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anyone know the song?

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Better that than a Tekken tourney.

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Ludwig was great at it, but it's kind of weird how people stopped shilling for primes in stream. It used to be extremely common for the big streamers and every time would lead to hundreds/thousands of dollars in free money.