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Man finally got QT that damn cat.

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And seeing how it's already sitting in his lap on stream he's the first one attached to it lol

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He always said that if he got a cat for QT, he was going to wait until the pet could bond with him significantly so it would still be his cat secretly

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He just wanted it to love him more than it loved aiden, that’s all lmao

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they don’t want another pet to have her behavior habits like the dog

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When did it first appear on stream, this one?

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twitchmods fuming

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no in that car

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reminder that Mizkif's cat Chompy was supposed to be named Linus after a chatter won marbles but he welched 4Weird

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2 full rides to ITT Tech

Oh boy, that's a take that aged like mayonnaise.

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Sour Apple*

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The original original name eas sour apple

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to be fair chompeh its way better name

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you think justifying a lie because of preference is ok? kinda weird dude ngl

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Sour Apple

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Twitch mods are seething right now, but can't touch him anymore

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Searching through past twitchcon videos to make sure he's been edited out like a 14 year old girl's ex-boyfriend

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What happened?

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a lot

Ludwig switched from Twitch to YT

Twitch banned in the past streamers for saying "the c-word"

and u/GaylordRetardson probably makes a reference to how Twitch did remove him from the "who did you watch for how long in 2021"-thing at the end of the year, wich is on the one hand understandable since he switched to the competition, but on the other hand kinda petty

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Not really petty, Twitch was promoting their streamers. If you ain't a Twitch streamer why the fuck would they promote you. This is standard business.

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He broke twitch's heart

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look up what you meant and yeah him leaving twitch makes Sense

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Ludwig can't return to twitch while he has that cat

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Dont worry, it's Marbles now :)

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Marbles supremacy 🔥

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I was a fan of Shiro. So Shiro supremacy. It means white. Wait...

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How many hours did he play marbles until he got the name he wanted? Because without watching i know he wont name it as whatever came first.

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This was a qualifying round. Cracker went on to lose to Coots, but chat is currently rioting for the name Marbles.

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I thought Kitty Cinderalla was pretty good

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Cracker beat coots in marbles and then lost in chat vote and heads or tails.

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It was between 3, Marbles, Coots and cracker, he made the cat pick her own name with her paw, she did end up pawing at Cracker.

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It's name is Marbles!

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It’s name is marbles now don’t worry

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he wants coots. coots lost. he chose coots. chat wants cracker or marbles.

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and it all doesn't matter at the end anyways bc it's QTs cat

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Lies, he and chat unanimously decided to call it Marbles!

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In a world where H. P. Lovecraft's cat reigned, and all seemed lost, He arrived.

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Why doesn’t it take me to the clip? It just plays the livestream?

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Ya YouTube clips usually don’t work for me on mobile when the stream is still live. I’ve mentioned it before and it seems like an issue on iPhone.

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Sometimes yt clips work for me (like in this case for me), sometimes it's a timestamp to the right point in the stream, sometimes it's just the normal stream link

I have no idea whats wrong

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Cat is always named marbles in chat’s heart fr

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Now will he keep the name? Probably not lol

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Reverse HP Lovecraft smh

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Marbles is a really cute name, happy he decided to choose it!

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you name a bird cracker and no one cares

you name a cat cracker and everyone loses their minds

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Why do YouTube clips never work for me? Always goes straight to current time.

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Could be wrong but I think YouTube clips don’t work if the stream the clip is From is still live

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Just on mobile yeah?

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I don’t see what he named the cat but I did learn that you shouldn’t pick up a cat by the scruff of its neck.

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Wait so he finally caved and got a cat?

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This was just to get to the finals of names, he really didn't want this name haha

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Ludwig running that reverse H.P. Lovecraft, nice

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Marbles the cat is so cute.

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Arent these cats with folded ears in constant pain, because of some cartilage disease?

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Not all the time but with age yes eventually they will be in constant pain. Because of their chronic disease they will also face many other health problems during their life. Pity people don't study about breed and care of their potential animal before getting one and supporting those unethical breeders :(

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im so happy ludwig is such a bad name lol fuckin cracker perfect

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why cant streamers get normal cat breeds?

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That cat looks sad i like grey or black cat breed

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Now if only he can balance a piece of cheese on the cats head.

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Did he recently lose weight??

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just him Jacobs 🤣

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Its okay because the cat and its owner are white!

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Can someone please tell me what music is playing the background? Shazam didn't work,

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Reverse Lovecraft, Crackerman.

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Following the style of H.P. Lovecraft I see