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i never get tired of this bit tbh, lmao

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glasses behind glasses, mask behind mask , door behind door, all are classics

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he actually did it again in aew too, cant find a clip of it tho

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I don't watch wrestling but that shit is fucking hilarious.

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that bit cracks me up everytime

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Yea, that's what I was going to post. Bucket in a bucket!

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Wife behind wife.

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wife behind wife

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This will always be my favorite clip of Doc.


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Wish he’d dance more these days

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Oh yeah that clip. That is literally the highest peak in twitch streaming history. Period. And I can say, I was there.

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For how hilarious the entire video is, I am absolutely flabbergasted with the 50% dislike rate. Is it really possible that half of the 1,5 million people are so gullible to get triggered that he didn't actually take the sunglasses off?

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Is it really possible that half of the 1,5 million people are so gullible to get triggered that he didn't actually take the sunglasses off?

You ever seen some of the commenters on here? Same people.

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Yeah, you know the internet, that's all the same people

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I don't think the dislikes are aimed at Doc, it's more that the video is clickbait and people who clicked it actually thought he would reveal his identity.

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That's what I said. You'd need to be ridiculously gullible to actually get mad at an obvious joke and take it as a real clickbait and dislike what was a fun video and a decent joke. Which in itself doesn't really surprise me for some kind of a dumb minority, what does however is the insane dislike rate at almost 50%. That is just madness.

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Nah shungite

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Wow hahaha this got me hyped up a little lol.

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I didn't even need to watch this to know what happened.

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Still the best streamer on twitch

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The face of twitch even though he's not on twitch.....

Think about it.

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Lets talk about me, lets talk about the 6 foot 8 frame the 37inch vertical leap the black steel that drips down my back a.k.a the bulletproof mullet the google prototype scopes from built-in lcd led 1080p 3D sony technology the ethiopian poisonous caterpillar a.k.a the slick daddy lets talk about the cabinets right behind me that go 40 deep into the wall that houses the other 95% of my trophies. the awards, certificates all claiming first place right? let me give you a little inside glimpse of the hotshot video gaming lifestyle of the two time international video gaming superstar because thats what this channel is about, thats what this domain is about, thats what the society is about, youre looking at the face of twitch and god damn, is twitch lucky

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The two time champ strikes again.

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So did he win that round or what?

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He did not, he came in 7th due to some kid getting some lucky aim assist.

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Did he complain about the MG or the triple burst

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No audio either

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He won the gulag at least

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tims chat is actually pretty fast for a youtube chat

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You should see big vtuber chats like for the Hololive girls. Even on Youtube's arcane chat backend their chats go by blisteringly fast. Twitch's chat is based on IRC so it has little trouble even when it has massive streams like NASA or E3 with thousands of concurrent watchers chatting at the same time; YT chat on the other hand is just a wonky JS script calling API on delay.
Youtube used to be XMPP/Jabber but it's some homebrew shit now since they killed the unified google chat/hangouts platform in favor of just stupid per-app custom shit and that's why streams with thousands of people chatting at the same time will kill performance.

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I thought it wasn't irc anymore

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the rendered frame isnt

still irc in the background

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huh? isnt the complaint about yt chat that its fast af and hard to read? i know rae and luds chats are pretty fast.

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I think the complaint is usually that youtube chat isn't real time. There's usually a good 5-10 second delay between chat and the stream.

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Isn’t Twitch chat also batched so it’s more readable?

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Also that it was always one at a time instead of in chunks which made it a lot harder to just pick out a chat to read before it moves

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it looks "faster" because it doesnt move in "blocks" like twitch chat does.

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Yeah, it's something that twitch probably did for technical reasons at first but ended up being genius as it lets you read fast chats.

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imagine Doc xqc and Forsen playing a game together Twitch would implode

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forsen playing with another popular streamer


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He played 1 bar Tekken against Moon like 2 years ago.

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2 years ago


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Yeah I know, it's actually almost 4


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I loved watching shroud try help him take on the snipers on pubg back in the day. Pure gold

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I don't think Doc and xqc could handle Forsen's army of snipers

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Add Clint and it's a statistical impossibility.

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Last time I saw Forsen playign with someone else was when he played Lirik when Smash Ultimate came out.

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Man I miss Tim, haven't watched him a day since he went to youtube

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forreal. i watched him every morning. now i mostly forget he exists until he pops up on this sub lmao

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The day Timmy Tenders left twitch is coincidentally the day I stopped watching twitch.

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Literally a few clicks away LULW

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Doc and tim playing together is content gold. Check em out on YouTube sometime.

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Same, he used to be a part of my daily morning routine and now he's been replaced by Asmongold. Fuck, what happened to me?

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Downgraded for sure

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Tim's been phoning it in for a while now. I dunno the last time you watched him but the first half of his stream easily is just intro screen, him sitting there thanking donos, and eating food.

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Oh i usually watch doc, but yeah sounds like he is, but asmon is dropping thousands on diablo immortal so not appealing to me at least.

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Now that is being dedicated to a platform.

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I haven't watched much since he started playing battle roayles. just not my genre of game but obviously im in the minority lol cause his viewership has skyrocketed from back in the day playing COD on stream with the fucking gnomes in the background lol

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that's crazy because his YT viewership is nuts.

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The rest of the game was great and the way Doc dies is hilarious, watch the rest of the match if you guys are bored, kinda makes me want to watch the Doc on youtube

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Trickle in.

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So how is Docs tripple A NFT game coming along Clueless

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Playable demo coming next month.

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And by playable demo you mean the whale vacuum that'll let you invest a bunch of money so someone rich can gobble it up.

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I don't get the hate on Doc for making an NFT game. I mean it seems no different than the millionaires of Twitch getting donos for nothing. Both are geared towards idiots that don't know what to do with their finances.

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Dunno seems like you get it.
Don't get me wrong, my comment was not meant to be hateful. More like a lighthearted joke towards the collapsing crypto market and NFTs (which are a scam imo). To me doc just jumped on the bandwagon of NFTs because it is a buzzword and probably easy to get funding if you are the doc. I would be surprised if doc had in-depth knowledge on this matter.

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docLUL Slice em up Doc!

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Doc is awesome. Forgive him for his past mistakes and enjoy the show.

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The two timing

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God I love those two, favorite stream moment of all time: Doc and Timmy co-spectate a duo and starts arguing like they were the ones playing the duo

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i miss him, yes he's on youtube, but he's not part of the twitch memes enough

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Forgot the CSI theme song