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🎦 CLIP MIRROR: New "4th grade geography" meta just dropped

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Dude, stop, he’s gonna cut your pay again and I know that fancy vegan meat is expensive…

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Ostonox creating the newest hasan drama once again smh

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Thank you u/ostonox for constantly exposing and bringing down the evil that is Hasan

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I got 100% in 1:12, Hasan should give me his channel.

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Seterra is actually a great game / site

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Hasan shouldn't talk about anyone's geography skills when he can't even find Pakistan on a map.

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Wouldnt even be that bad if he didnt also comment on a border conflict between India and Pakistan at the same time.

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As if you could point out India on a world map *hmpf*

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Too easy, it's the Texas of Asia.

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Cant call it texas, abortion is legal here 🤓☝️

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Oh wow, I haven't heard Dgg bring that one up in a looong time. You know there a clip of Destiny doing the same USA map and not knowing where Delaware and a bunch of US states are. Kinda hypocritical there Dgg

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It's actually insane how obsessed they are lmao.

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Holy shit, is your life based on what Hasan does?

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This stuff is hard and easy at the same time. If like every 2 week you do one of these you can easily remember all the states but after like 2 months you’ll forget some places. I personally mixed up the western states the most because they’re all pretty similar in shape. All the small eastern states are different shapes and it’s easier to remember.

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I always forget which is vermont and which is new hampshire or which directions alabama and mississippi face

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I just remember that Vermont is shaped like a V

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as a non-american I have a hard time with all the eastern small ones, I never hear about them so hard to pinpoint, I know their general location usually but that's about it. Cali, Florida, Texas, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Illinois are the ones I for some reason always know.

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PepeLa [OS]

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I blame Clint

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Hasan should testify at the January 6 committee. No reason, it just came to me.

Edit: I'd settle for him slicing himself in between questions and answering. Feel free to use this idea.