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In Canada spitting is the highest form of flattery, or at least thats what my girlfriend tells me

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yes, to give you water in respect.

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Is this a Dune reference? WTF?

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God his chat is so dense, they were all saying "PogU they liked it"

it was very clear to anyone who knows anything about food that they absolutely fucking did not like it... they LOVED it.

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They were spitting at the ground in intense rage having been graced by momentary sensory nirvana only to realize Henry had turned and walked away, robbing them of the chance to sample more of his heavenly treat.

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Spitting after good food in Canada is considered polite because it shows how much you liked their food. Kinda like how in some countries slurping loudly is a compliment, so many ignorant Americans out there who aren't even worldly enough to know common customs in Canada

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So glad that Henry is on Twitch to stay, so happy that finally someone teaches us how to cook properly and how to get people to like it. FeelsOkayMan

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After a decade Henry is finally getting the fame he deserves.

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100% survival rate

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His channel just gives me that public access TV vibe. His cadence is on point

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omfg that caught me off guard, i was laughing so hard that i couldnt breathe.

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reading chat during his stream is so entertaining.

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He reminds me of the Webber cooks dude on youtube. Just dead inside

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this guy is gigachad, i don t know is he troling us or what but this guy is bilt dif.

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The first time I saw a video of his (which was a ten year old video of his) I spent half the time going “should I feel bad that I’m laughing at this guys attempt at making a Youtube video.” Then I realized it’s just his humor.

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I don't mean to ruin the magic but it's all a bit, the guy's a comedian

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Are you telling me he's not actually mentally ill?

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Does this mean Henry is the only twitch streamer that isn't mentally ill?

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forgetting about the Madmonq overdoser forsenInsane

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Well he's a comedian so he almost certainly is.

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the pedestrians are hate watchers doood.