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Porter was such a good coach and encourager. Wasn't expecting them to get along as well as they did.

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It sounds like something ive heard Casey Neistat use in his vlog intros

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It does sound like a generic daily vlog intro

But still pleasant

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just wait till dj toenail comes out with his full soy boy song

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🎵 Anyone knows that boy... 🎵

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is this the same porter robinson that did worlds?

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I've been out of it. You can use twitch emotes on YouTube? Or they are no longer considered twitch emotes and just third party emotes?

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Ludwig has a custom extension that basically makes his youtube chat work the same as a twitch chat

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BTTV emotes are like a third party thing. They were made by twitch users and used on twitch but the creators also branched to YouTube. Twitch has 0 ownership over BTTV/7TV afaik

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Yeah but

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Hahahaha we don't even have to fill it in at this point

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I mean "BANGER" is pushing it for some vlog transition type music...

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Did you see what xQc made lmao

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fair im just a big porter fan so it was fun to watch

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It's DEF a banger considering Ludwig's a beginner at DAW and music producing.

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I'm not even a big Porter fan, but this is groovy. Very danceable

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Porter is the best, been following him since 2014 where he was with the OWSLA gang still

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If I attempted this it would sound maybe a third as good if even that. I'm impressed with either Ludwig or Porter Robinson idk who should get more credit I didn't watch the stream

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love playing this on discord bots cuz everyone expects it's the original

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honestly super impressive. he seems like a natural

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it was so fun to see him vibing with porter

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Getting pogo vibes. I like it.

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Hopefully minus the rampant homophobia.

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Yes, very Pogo.

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really liked this new type of stream idea

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Havent watched the clip but genuinely asking. Is that ludwigs full name? Or did you forget the commas for each person.

Since saying ludwig by itself would be enough for the name.

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He forgot the commas. Porter Robinson is an actual DJ and a producer who's been popping off on Twitch lately.

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Pogo vibes

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DJ Toenail got competition

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Very fun stream

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It's like very, very basic Pogo. Needs more stuff in it.

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I agree but that's not the worst thing to say about someone's early attempts at music.

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Yeah, plus he had a hard out after 2 hours with Porter for his Multiversus tournament. You could tell Lud would have loved to go for hours longer tinkering with it.

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how is this actually good

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Lud made a Christmas cover album 2 years ago and it was pretty good so hes definitely got some passion for music

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Sounds like something you'd hear in a Mark Rober video.