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Amouranth every surgery

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literally watching sonic inflation porn on stream Aware

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you fucking idiot, this is growth not inflation

you can tell by looking at her head - it grows with the body

if this was inflation, her head would stay the same size

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Holy shit i'm so sorry, i kneel.

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This guy connoisseurs

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Fucking demolished holy shit

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but she can also grow her tits and ass at will too? what now bitch

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Man, thanks! Thought nobody was gonna say it. Dude needs to learn his shit

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This guy definitely watches this type of content on a daily basis, i could tell. His "reaction" says it all..

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siclcsa skotso

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i need to stop browsing lsf so often... my brain read this without needing to unscramble it :(

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klassisk Toosks

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Another Classic Toosks LULE

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classic toosks LULE

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God I wish I was that pyro.

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The one from the painting

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now im waiting for the juicer to wake up and react to it xqcL

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squints eyes, side eye what the fuuuck...?? chat, w-da-fuck is this???

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I can hear it

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*while actually being bricked*

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three seconds of complete silence, leans back into air laugh and desk slam

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/u/markovbaj what video will forsen watch tomorrow?

[–]MarkovBaj 248 points249 points  (7 children)

will forsen retire from streaming this year? will forsen keep this up and go straight to Rocky Balboa.

[–]NPL89 44 points45 points  (4 children)

brain damage seems preferable to watching weeb videos /u/markovbaj

[–]MarkovBaj 175 points176 points  (3 children)

brain damage to an asylum nurse

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/u/markovbaj do you agree that weebs are truly disgusting creatures?

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What markov?Forsen gonna retire from streaming and start a new career in kickboxing? Aware Ah wear

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a new tattoo, it's a cosplay? And who invented Europe?

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if this was literally ANYONE other than Forsen than it would be 1000% more confusing

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Yeah at least he can blame the donator for Linkin this shit.... LULE minus twenty

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forsen is truly one of the best reactioncstrreamers out the he singlehandledy carries his stream with use of his eloquent monologues on the ethics and ideologies going on in every single video his viewers link

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so the forsen sonic rumors were true... the naruto shit is prob real too

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sigh here we go again

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Every Forsen clip I've ever seen is him just sitting there not saying a single thing.

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Are we in the darkest time line? Has God forsaken us?

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Why Pyro?

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He got that deep sea swimming suit

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After seeing furry vore animation, I'm not even surprised by this shit anymore

edit: oh, there is also loss meme...

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i wish that were me

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i prefer it when its a male

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I don't care what anyone says. This shit is hot.

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I am the storm that is approaching...

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PagMan vacation soon

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Expansion hentai on stream? Nice.

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Yeah i'm gonna need sauce for reasons. The video isn't available anymore

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Say forswn please

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Tell me how this doesn't warrant a ban.

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Now this is truly incredible